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Sporadic Foot Pain

Last week, my foot caught on a crack in the ground and turned over. I had a slight pain after, but it didn't hurt to walk on or anything. But over the past week, every so often if I step on my foot a certain way, I get a slight pain in the area where my toes start, almost like a joint needs to be popped pain. I may feel it if I run or try to do jumping jacks. The area feels like it needs to be cracked a lot and when I do, it temporarily relieves the feeling and then it comes back.Other than that, there is no pain if I walk on it or press on it or flex my toes or anything. No swelling or redness. I am just concerned of it turning into a stress fracture.
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In all probability there has been injury to either ligaments or tendons holding the small bones of foot or there has been a minor fracture in a small bone. An X-ray of foot should be done.
Apply crepe or pressure bandage, after soaking feet in warm saline water. You can apply any pain removing gel too. Avoid putting too much pressure on the foot while it heals.
However, it would be best to consult a doctor once. Take care!
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Thanks for replying. Any of the trouble I have felt seems to have moved around the big toe joint area. I walked an entire boardwalk down the shore yesterday and only one time I stepped down, I felt a very mild pain in the area. Every so often when I am walking, it feels almost like bubble paper popping in the area. It's not painful, but it is annoying. If I try to do jumping jacks, I might feel a very slight pain in the area and then I won't feel anything. I'll probably try to get an appointment with my doctor as soon as possible because I don't want this to turn into anything bad. I have been trying to stay off of it as much as possible and frankly, it's starting to bug me not doing as much.

Thanks again!
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Sounds similar to the pain i have. At the base of my toes i have a pain when i walk or run etc....i let it go for a week and then went to foot doc who said it was a stress fracture...the only thing different is that i have swelling in that general area....so you may want to see a podiatrist...
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The constant feeling of wanting to pop seems to have gone away and I am still not feeling any pain or anything when I walk. No swelling, no bruising, etc. And sometimes I can go days without feeling anything and then I might start feeling mild pain again. And the pain seems to move around if I ever feel any. It might feel further up in the foot or towards the smaller toes or sometimes just in the big toe area. Today it just feels kind of irritated in the area where a bunion would typically form.

I went to my doctor about 2 weeks ago and he said everything seemed okay, but had me get an x-ray done, which came back normal.
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I am still having discomfort in the same area (typically where a bunion would form). I can't describe it, it's not really pain, just an irritated burning kind of feeling and I noticed I feel it generally only when I am resting (and worsens the higher up I put my foot). Putting weight on my foot actually RELIEVES it. It's driving me nuts and I get queasy when it comes to anything to do with the feet and this discomfort is making me physically ill whenever I think about, which having been diagnosed with OCD a couple a years ago, I am always thinking about it. I have been trying to wear sneakers so I have better support, but I go nuts all day in work with them on because I can't stand my foot being in them. Not because it causes any pain or anything, but I just feel almost....claustrophobic. But I am trying to stay away from flip flops, the only thing I can stand my foot being in them. I am so stressed over this I am almost to the point of wondering if it is psychosomatic. I just don't want this to turn into anything bad.
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