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Still here; still worried

i'm still 100% sure that i have some sort of cancer, especially adrenal cancer as im sure i jave symptoms of cushings disease but have no pituitary tumour. I recently read a story in a magazine about a 5 year old girl who has a nuroblastoma on her adrenal gland and she is extrememly ill and cannot be cured. it also said that she had leg pain and stomach fullness. for months now ive had a problem with my left leg, it hurts and feels heavy/ weird and exercise and nighttime makes it worse. i aalso have a feeling of something inside the upper left part of my abdomen which is stressing out. my anxiety is through the roof!!
my bp is in the normal range of 130/60 which was taken the last month and so it my glucose according to my gp. im still insaney worried about adrenal cancer. im so stressed about this!!
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I went to an endocrinologist on the 19th March who said I didn't need to worry about my slighy  enlarged putuitary gland ( forgot to mention) I have had an mri and it shows no tunours on my pit gland just slight enlargement.
I had my thyroid and glucose tested. My thyroid came back slightly under which they said was fine and my glucose was normal!
When I went to my endo appointment he then did more blood tests on my thyroid, calcium, full blood count, and some more which I can't remember. An adrenal test was no included though.

I haven't heard anything from this blood test and I have another appointment on the 30th april as they said they will see me about every 6 weeks.
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You need to make an appointment to see your doctor and tell him your symptoms.

Just because you have leg pain and have  "a feeling of something inside the upper left part of my abdomen" can be caused by many things.

Leg pain can be caused by muscle, tendon, bone problems and you can also get referred pain from the lower spine.

Your belly problem, may be from something you are drinking and eating, stomach problem, kidney problem, womb or bowel problem.

Don't panic and think you have something.  Make an appointment, tell the doctor your symptoms, so that he can check out your leg to find out what is causing the leg problem - may be you did some exercise some a while back that damaged a tendon.  A tendon that is damaged through exercise can taken months and months to heal.

If you are overweight, you may be putting too much pressure on your joints and that can cause problems.

Stop panicking and thinking of the worst, you are just making yourself ill unnecessarily.  Book an appointment to see your doctor with your symptoms.

Let us know how you get on.
Best wishes.
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Such a diagnosis can only be confirmed by a specialist like a surgical pathologist after clinical symptoms, microscopical findings and lab tests
are taken into consideration.

If there was enough evidence to suspect adrenal cancer-which btw is extreme rely rare-your gp would have ordered some further testing
or referred you to an endocrinologist.

Adrenal Neuroblastoma is usually presenting with a fast growing abdominal mass,which you would simply KNOW about.
It is mainly a rare infant and childhood disease.

Why are you 100% sure of this?

Hypercorticolism or atypical Cushing's disease must be investigated further before any assumptions can be made.
Is it possible that your stress and anxiety levels are causing an increase in
cortisol  for the time being?
Adrenal fatigue should be ruled out as well by a doctor familiar with adrenal fatigue. Most doctors are NOT!
I think stress and anxiety have gotten the better of you.
What kind of tests have you had so far?
Please include lab results and lab ref. values if possible.


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