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Stomach Issues

For the past few years I have had episodes of intense to mild nausea along with vomiting. They usually last for a few weeks to a month and in these episodes I am vomiting from noon till bedtime. I am fine in the morning and then after lunch the nausea begins. I have also had abdomial pain a 30 minutes after eating, it's like a burning knawing kind of pain. Along with dizziness and a hot flash before an episode of vomiting.

I also have a history of food allegeries. I am allergic to, gluten, dairy, cashews, shellfish, and soy.

I would also like to mention that I do have a history of severe anxiety disorder as well as I am a 22 year old who is autisitc( clinically I am moderate funcitoning). I also struggle with sensory proccessing disorder. I was doing some googling on my symptoms and the two things that came up were gastroparisis and cyclic vomiting syndrome. I have an appointment with my GP in August and I am just wondering what could be going on. The vomiting is kind of like I have to force it out a bit because I am nasuseas and upset. If that makes sense. But I am in no way obsessed with my weight or anything like that.

I am also a very picky eater and tend to lean toward soft foods, like soups, beans, rice and meal replacement smoothies as well as bananas and hummus. I don't eat meat or fish due to sensory issues. I don't like the texture.

Can anyone tell me what is possibly going on? I would like to know what I should ask my GP before I go into my appoinment in August.
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You should consider a food elimination diet to see if that helps. Here is a guide: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/elimination-diet#section3

Given that you have an anxiety disorder that does drastically increase your risk for cyclical vomiting syndrome. It is also suspect since your vomiting occurs around the same time. Try to stay well hydrated and work to keep your stress levels down.

When you do visit your doctor please make sure to share your history of anxiety, food allergies, and any other symptoms. It would also be helpful to document your anxiety level on a numeric scale, along with the foods you ingested the next time you have an episode of vomiting. All of this information can help your doctor work with you to create a plan. Our guts are very much tied to our emotions. There is a lot of new and exciting research that is happening in this area of medicine. I wish you all the best!
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If this is an ongoing problem, waiting until AUGUST makes little sense.
Your best option would be to make an appointment since ongoing vomiting can cause other issues.
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