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Strange Blackouts and temporary memory loss

I have been having strange "black-out" episodes, where my vision becomes blurry and or black, sometimes mild hallucinations (objects become different, once a mailbox looked like a stop sign etc) or i just don't comprehend anything i see, i can't be sure because my memory is temporarily disrupted, (i.e. i forget where i am or what i am doing, or what the time and date is, etc.) It is accompanied by various degrees of nausea sometimes culminating in vomiting. others have noticed during these episodes my words become jumbled and i tap my fingers to my thumbs repeatedly until it goes away(usually only one hand, the right hand), and my eyes glaze over and i look like i'm "dazed". the memory loss is something that has only recently come up (withiin the last year) i've been having these episodes for the last 3 years, i visited a neurologist and he treated me for migraines but i dont think that is it. He didn't seem to hear anything i said beyond "a slight headache".   These episodes can be initiated by blinking excessively, or pressure on my eyes ( taking  off or putting on make-up) or slipping into a half sleep, or sudden change from dark to light or vice versa sometimes. i used to think it was from not getting enough sleep, but that doesn't seem to be overall consistent. I thought it might be hypoglycemia or diabetes, but i was tested and both were negative. These episodes usually only last for about a minute or less, but i was hospitalized 2 yrs ago for an episode that lasted several hours, but they were unable to diagnose me. they said everything was fine (besides slightly high cholesterol) i even had an M.R.I. please help, its scary. any info would be greatly apppreciated
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make sure you visit docs again it could be a blood clot
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I used to have some blackouts which I think were part of me not sleeping for ages, also memory loss could be just a part of you, I know I can remember things from a time ago, while most of the recent things I will forget to do and then remember on my way out the door, about the headaches I dont have many that often but i can get some and when I do I don't like anyone to talk or it hurts, im not sure about the pressure issue that could just be your eyes are over sensitive, one day just try to sleep for as long as possable and get up in your own time and see how you feel, overall i have had something like you to an extent before but i dont think its affects me now besides falling asleep just anywhere while standing in lines like a checkout. Ask if you want to chat more but if this helped you your welcome, if it didnt sorry.
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