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Strange Sympoms: Itchy rash, Hives, Pain?

Hi I am a healthy 26 year old woman.  About three months ago, I had an itchy rash on my chest area, shoulders and back.  My doctor diagnosed it as pityariasis.  I had a biopsy of the rash and it showed that it could be a type of dermatitis or something viral.  I took a medrol dose pack to get ride of the rash along with some ointment.

About a week or two later, I developed hives on my back.  They were flat and slightly raised.  They were not large and circular like typical hives and did not appear to be a rash.  They would go away and come back if I itched my back or came back on their own.  I take Zyrtec to take away the hives, I still have a small amount of itching on my back and throughout my body, however, the Zyrtec took away the hives.  

About a week or two after this happened my right knee starting hurting, then my left knee, writsts, front and back of thighs, underarm, groin, mouth, feet and hands (all over my body)was in pain.  I had a slight swelling above my knee.  I had an MRI on this knee which showed a bony lesion.  I had a full body bone scan done and it picked up the right knee.  It is begnin lesion that the bone scan picked up.

I had excrutaiting pain in both of my knees. The pain jumped all over my body throughout the day. My CBC looked good.  White blood count was low, red blood cells were high.  I was tested for lyme, which came back negative.  The Dr. put me on Adoxa (doxcicytriclene) 300 mg a day for 4-6 wks and I am going to repeat the lyme test.

I went to a rheumatologist, allergist and an orthopedic doctor.  I tested (low) postitive for ANA, the titer was 80 which is a low neg. result.  I tested negative for lupus anticagulent and a host of other rhemultalogic diseases.    

It seems that since I am taking the Adoxa the pain is  primarly in my hands and feet and thighs, although it migrates to other places (i.e. mouth/jaw, arm, back, underarms and groin).  Sometimes it migrates other places as well. Prior to going onto the Adoxa the pain was much worse.  The rhematologist told me that the Adoxa has an anti-inflamatory factor that is helping to subside the pain.

These symptoms are pretty strange and I am not sure what is going on.  Itchy rash, hives and pain all over that migrates.  My tempature ranges from a 98.4-99.4, which I have been told by several doctors this is not a fever.  Is there a doctor or someonelese that can help with these symptoms?
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I am interested to see what info is posted for you.  My young daughter is experiencing similar symptoms and has been to the emergency room twice because of  hives and swelling.  They treat her with benadryl and steroids and send her home.  We are seeing an allergist today.   Last night she started complaining about her knee and was dragging her leg around and couldn't walk.  
This is the 3rd instance of the hives, itchy rash.  
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I don't know for sure but you both may want to have testing for many types of autoimmune diseases..they can present a variety  of symptoms and are often hard to diagnose...Lupus, yes that is one, thyroid diseases another,  (be sure to ALSO check for the antibodies).....hormonal problems can also cause a host of strange and hard to diagnose problems....lyme disease as well.....food algeries can also casue rashes and though may not be an alergy food sensitivies can also be a problem....also neurological problems.....maybe a good and full blood workup is the best to save some time....sometimes hard to get docs to go for this though.....
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Just curious as to whether or not your doctors gave you a test for Sjögren's Syndrome?  Or Fibromyalgia?  Whatever the case, be persistent with your doctors and do not stop in your search for answers.  It seems that you are doing a great job looking for answers.  Good luck to you.
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OMG, I have been trying to find the same answers. In august of 2007, I broke out in a rash on my legs and arms, then the doctor told me it was Scabies, gave me a lotion - it was'nt scabies. 2 weeks later I developed hives, swelling, itchy palms and feet. Then I started getting joint pain in my right knee and leg (could not sleep at night). I went to every doctor, including the hospital. Dermatologist, Skin Specialist, Immunologist, Allergist, Family Doctor and Fracture Specialist. My full blood work, urine tested negative to everything Cancer, Auto Immune, Thyroid, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Lyme,  Just everything. The unknowing cause me to feel disturbed and depressed. I have two small children and thought I was dying. I am starting to think that this is a virus that doctors are not even aware of. My hives come and go day by day. I get headaches and my leg and knee pain goes away and then comes back. It's really crazy. Right now as I speak, I have an ice pack on my knee to ease the pain I am feeling. My hives came out this morning as well. I am really starting to think it's viral. We are not alone, another girl at my work has the same symptoms.
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hello everyone my name is katie. im a teenager and having some of the same symptoms. for about 2-3 months now I have had progressively worse hives. I don't think that I have a food allergy but I still need to go to the allergist. I have tested negative for anything to do with my thyroids. Anyone suggest anything else I should do to find out what it might be?  
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I'm a 37 y/o male, every athletic and looking for answers.  I have some of the same symptoms ie: itchy rashes on one arm that go away with steriod gel.  Pain in extremities ie fingers and feet.  I've learned to deal with the pain by changing how I interact with people, whether it's not shaking peoples hands or taping up everything prior to playing basket ball etc.

Searching for answers.
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I'm a 42 year old healthy man. My similar symptoms started about 6 months ago. I suffered from occasional headaches probably from dehydration from a love of coffee, so I began taking Excedrin Migraine formula about a year ago. This would knock the headache right out. I discovered I got a bit of a performance boost in my job, (call center) when I was taking the Excedrin Migraine formula and it became part of my daily ritual.

6 months and about 500 Tablets later I began to get severe itching in my feet and joint pain swelling, heat and redness in my toes, and the balls of my feet. The areas affected stayed this way for about 48 hours and then subsided. It felt like someone had hit these parts of my body with a hammer. Hives begain to appear on my tailbone, buttocks, thighs, arms, backs of my hands, neck, chin, forehead and elbows about a bean size to a quarters size in diameter. This was 'self diagnosed' as Gout and I made some dietary changes and I completely stopped using Excedrin Migraine formula and the symptoms subsided.

3 months ago, I began to get a rash in my groin and thought it was jock itch. I treated it with Lamisil but it just kept getting worse and spreading then severely begain to weep and would not heal. This rash then appeared in my armpits and the hives came back, but this time quarter to fist size. I have never felt ill or sick during any of the attacks but my neck is stiff, probably from the stress of all these painful and unbearable issues taking place all over my skin.

I'm adding my 10 cents here in hope that others might see a similarity. My first doctors appointment is this Friday. Not expecting to get any help except to try some medications... Which is what got me here in the first place.
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i woke up this morning with extreme itching on my palms, toes, underarms and inner thighs. i scratched like crazy and looked and saw what looked like lots of mosquito bites then they just started appearing all over! i rubbed an antihistamine cream all over and got minor itching relief but the bumps are almost all over me. the only thing i've done differently is i bought a different brand of tomato juice a couple days ago. i'm going to buy some benadryl. this is driving me crazy with itching and looks so weird. i've never had anything like this in my life...
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well to follow up, the benadryl made most everything clear up after knocking me out for a few hours. i still have itchy blisters on my feet and toes. i'm assuming it was an allergy to the juice i drank before bed. i sure panicked because i've never seen this before. after reading many forums like this, i feel better realizing it must be hives and is not uncommon and i'm not dying (LOL)
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Have you been tested for Lyme's disease?
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I can't believe I'm reading all these blogs about the same systems I have.  I have gone through so many diagnosis in my head but nothing seems to fit.  I get these rashes at all times of the day.  In the morning, at night right before bed, and sometimes in the middle of the day.  Mainly when I enter my house.  On rare occassions I will feel itchy outdoors or in my car but not like when I enter my home.  I have 5 other members of family that live with me with no problems so I'm not sure what it could be.  First I get itchy and within seconds I get hives - it could be on my wrist, my feet, my stomach, my buttock, my legs and my back.  They almost look like bites at first then just spread around the initial area.  I guess it could be food allergies but it's wierd that it happens at different times every day.  I know that this started just around September and hasn't stopped since.  It is very annoying and frustrating.  I also really don't have any pain in my body so I'm not sure if that is something that may come in time.  It sounds like eventually everyone starts feeling some sort of pain.  Hopefully someone could come up with some ideas.  I do drink wine, eat alot of eggs, drink coffee, and eat alot of tomato sauce lately so I'm not sure if one of these could be triggering the system.  I also take advil almost every day because of hip pain which I've had for years now so it shouldn't be associated with the hive symptoms.  Well, I hope this triggers someone else to come up with ideas about these symptoms.  I'll take any advice and try it.
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My son who is 8 years old woke up 6 days ago itching terribly.  That night he broke out with a itchy rash from head to toe that turns into hives when he has abdominal pain.  He almost explains the abdominal pain like contractions.  We've had him in the emergency room and he was admitted for two days to find out nothing.  They have run a lot of blood tests done an abdominal x-ray, sonogram etc.  We still have no answer they are calling it a "MEDICAL MYSTERY"   He to has been put on Benadryl, steroid and clariten.  Do you have any answers.???
  Sincerely, Medical mystery
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