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Strange Symptoms after sexual encounter with Asian girl

Hi there, I am a 45yr old male had an encounter with an Asian sex worker in South Africa, straight sex with a condom in July 2013 (only other sex partner apart from my wife). Since then I have had strange symptoms that come and go. I went to doc and have had tests for HIV 3,6,9 months and all negative, also had hep tests a week after the encounter and other full blood counts etc all in 2013\early 2014.
My doc kept saying it was anxiety and all in my head, been to pshycologists etc to get any mental anxiety issues ruled out, not that there were any...

My symptoms have been varied, itchy skin, permanent sore dry mouth and tongue with spots and ulcers that come and go, tongue has geographic sores with white dry coating, small pimple\rash like sores mainly on scalp, shoulders, chest and upper legs. I also have nausea and muscle joint pain that comes and goes with no link to exercise routines at all. there has also been a major change in my sight over the last year and a half, which I agree can be just old age creeping in. I also get very tired all the time with a very lethargic feeling although I can do sport or activities with no issues, just a few muscle aches..... these symptoms all come and go....
My major worries now are that my family are starting to have strange symptoms, my wife is 48 and son is 16 and are having similar symptoms. I have mentioned my symptoms to my wife but she just laughs it off as old age or fitness or lack of vitamins....etc... But I feel there is too much coincidence...

My son has developed tachycardia out of the blue with his heart reaching 200+ beats per minute on random occasions, not linked to exercise at all... he also has strange red pimple like rash\bumps mainly on his upper legs chest neck. My wife also has these red spots and keeps saying its bugs or mosquitos...?? My wife has also started complaining that her hair is falling out a lot more than usual. Both are also tired and have aching cramping muscles all the time which is very strange as they are both very fit people who do gym, exercise and sport regularly...

Not sure where to turn with all of these issues...

Can anyone give me any ideas


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Maybe it was something else you came into contact with when you were in South Africa? Or maybe it could be something that is in your house since other family members are starting to have similar symptoms. Just a thought.
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Hi DanniRow, thanks for your comment.... just a little more info, I live in South Africa and the chances of it being something at home are very slim, nothing has changed in our household, living wise and it's very clean so the likelihood is small. Like I said all these symptoms have been increasing over time since this incident of mine.

I can understand where my doctor is coming from telling me that all symptoms are unrelated but its all too much to be a coincident.  
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I am impressed with DanniRow's very first sentence where she wonders if  you came into contact with something else.

Taking that comment a step further, I think it highly probable that when you engaged in sex with the sex worker you came into contact with filthy linen/sheets/bedspread from which you acquired a bacterial infection of the skin. Left untreated this could cause many other problems (in other parts of the body) which seem unrelated.

Another possibility is that you kissed the sex worker (or your mouth came in contact with a part of the sex worker's body) and acquired a Candida yeast infections (known also as oral thrush). This in particular is characterized by a white tongue.

I would go to a dermatologist (skin specialist) and ask him or her to take a biopsy (or more than one) so a pathologist can determine exactly what you have.

A final thought. Has any doctor considerd CELLULITIS? I ask as this skin infection left untreated causes nausea  and joint pain.
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Are you still checking this site Itchy? I would like to share my story and see if  it is similar to yours. I just do not want to write unless you are still checking.
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Hi there Normanred, yes I am still monitoring this site to try get some more info regarding these or similar issues.......cheers
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I just wanted to go over some of my symptoms to see if any of them match. I too had a sexual encounter where I started to not feel well by that evening. I started to lose huge amounts of weight and pains in all part of my body. Difficultly urinating and the other end. I had serious chronic fatigue where I struggled to get out of bed. I am a runner and I could not run for more than a km without my. The doctor said I was just stressed but things kept getting worse. They did blood work on me and found I now have serious anemia. Then my skin started breaking out in welts and bumps. My tongue had red sores and I then had a white tongue which was confirmed to be a Candida infection. The doctor thought that was strange. I told him I was still losing large amounts of weight. They did a stool sample and it came back with Blastocyst Hominus. The doctor said it was nothing big. At this point I could barely sleep at night and was developing other psychological effects. I had brutal rectal pain and when I peed it hurt. My hair was falling out. My vision was getting horrible in dark lit rooms. I also developed tinnitus which I have had constantly for 6 months. It is brutal

I was sure I was just going crazy. I started to see black specks in the toilet bowl and coming out with my urine. The doctor tested me again and the results came back as having castings in the urine and I should not worry about it. Sometimes these things were huge. With no improvement in my mental state and sleeping patterns, I decided I had to look at these thing. I work in a microbiology lab so I decided to look at these things under the microscope and they were fiber ball with fungal like hyphae coming out of them. My co worker confirmed that he thought they looked strange to. I finally stumbled on to Morgellons websites and found that almost all of my physical symptoms and psychological issues matched. Many of the people with this condition test positive for Lyme, Giardia, Blasto.. and others The is more commonly called delusional parasitosis.

My skin still itches and I am chronically fatigued al the time. I would be fine thinking I am crazy if it were not for several things which you eluded to. Three of my coworkers are suffering from serious sleep related issues.  One can only sleep from about 3am to 5am in the morning. He looks like a zombie. This other woman I work with has crushing fatigue and feels like she has is no longer herself. The other co-worker has horrible rashes on his neck, back and chest. My wife has been chronically sick and can never seem to sleep enough and my children have a multitude of symptoms of fatigue, anger issues, slower reaction times than is normal for them.

Are you guys getting better? This has been 7 months now with little improvement. At times I see what looks like glitter on my skin and on my sons scalp ... and lots of debris in the bath tub or in my bed. Some morgellons victims claim to see small fibers floating through their house. I have been seeing these too but I am trying to believe they are just lint particles in the air. Do you have any other "unusual symptoms"?
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Hi there... regarding strange symptoms...

Its been over 18 months now and I still suffer from the following symptoms..

First three months after the encounter I lost a lot of weight, now I have put on a lot particularly around my waist... my wife is a serious runner and she also has complained about strange weight that she cannot shed...?

My strange set of symptoms, they come and go all the time......
Itchy skin, more so in the late afternoon
Also a numb tingly feeling in hands and feet in first few months and every now and again since...

-Strange changes in vision (blurred) - red eyes
-Strange random red pimple like bumps on chest, shoulders and scalp
-White tongue with geographic sores , tongue permanently feels burny, waxy, dry...not quite sure how to describe it.
-Sore joints, and the average bump or strain seem to be more noticeable or amplified to a degree.... and heels slightly slower....well so it seems.
-Brain fog
-Loose my cool a lot quicker than I used to...
-Nasal congestion

I went through a stage of loose stools and pain when urinating in the first few months but since then its been normal, no funny things in stool.

These symptoms are all manageable...just very, very irritating particularly the mouth tongue..issue

Geez, I am really sounding like a hypochondriac.....

My son also has the red spots, itchy skin, headaches...had some tongue sores, but his seem very few and far between.
His serious issue he has is that he has started suffering from Tachycardia, his heart just flips every now and then with chest pain and a heart rate of around 200... we have been to cardiologist and had all sorts of tests and are still no closer to finding a cause. My son is also extremely fit but lately is taking a lot of strain....

My wife went through a stage of sinusitis for about three months, had a large painfull lump on her head, has itchy skin and is complaining about her hair falling out. (these could also be totally random) She is very against the idea of this being from anything I have or have given to them. She actually gets really pissed off if I show any signs or say anything, according to her there is nothing wrong and its all in my head.

they both also suffer from major fatigue...

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Yikes ! It is kind of creepy that we share a lot of similarly strange symptoms.
The ones that match you are...

Fatigue: Whole body although not as bad as the first 4 months were.
Vision: Very bad at night time.
Red Pimples on my scalp and genital region.
Tinnitus: all the time and loud enough that interferes with sleep.
White tongue that seems to come and go but red spots remain.
Sore Joints in knees, hips and shoulders.
Brain Fog: Although I am not in as much distress as I was in the first 4 months, I can never seem to think clearly. Pressure behind my eyes makes me feel like I am drunk all the time.
Extreme irritation with every small thing.
Nasal Congestion most the time. I usually get 1 week where it is generally clear.
When I get a scratch or bump something, it seems to take forever to heal.

I had extreme rectal pain and a burning sensation when peeing for the first 3 months. Generally better now but my rectal area itches all the time and I never really feel like my bowel movements are complete. Also, my normal core body temperature us to be a bit about 37 C. When I was really sick it was at 36 C now it is at 36.2C. I don't know what that means.

Early on I had tremors and spasms throughout my body all the time. I  thought I was going to die. Thankfully they have eased off but I get the shakes from time to time during the night.

My wife has had nasal problems for about 5 months now. We have also gained usual fatty deposits around our waste. Like your wife, mine tells me it is all in my head. I really have tried to put it behind me. For 2 months I tried to tell myself, you do not hear ringing in the ears, your skin is not itchy, you tongue is not really white, and you do not really have red pimples. As you can imagine, that did not work.

If you type in morgellons UK or morgellons research dot org, you will a list of symptoms that many people encounter. Although you do not have any fibers on your skin, many suffers claim they have no lesions or obvious fibers. The condition seems to be able to able to target the immune system and people are just constantly sick with a wide range of conditions --- skin rashes of some type seem to always be common theme. IBS usually occurs with rapid weight loss followed by an increase in weight around the mid section. It also seems to be able to affect the nervous system causing irregular sleep patterns, head aches, insomnia, tinnitus, ...  Part of my problem of trying to answer my conditions is that I have gone very far down the rabbit hole. If you are concerned about the same, you may not want to go to those sights. All I know, is before I did what I did, I was an extremely fit  (physical and mental ) person. My family was extremely healthy before all this began.

My wife also says if the doctors did not find anything wrong than I could not of given them something. You mentioned there were just too many coincidences between the timing of things. I feel the same way. This makes me feel horrible everyday to know I could of infected them with some ridiculous non-disease that has no cure.

Could some unknown parasite affect our physical and mental state in a way that science has just not yet been able to explain. I know Toxoplasmosis can do some strange rewiring of rates brains and that many Schizophrenics test positive for this parasite.

Do you ever get a stool sample done to test for a parasite?
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Re: symptoms, it is not a simple coincidence for all of you to be having almost the same symptoms. Did you change location, how about diet? Also for you and your wife to be gaining weight is quite normal because you said you are approaching the old age and your wife is 48 close or in menopause. It is normal to gain weight in this case. Are you willing to change your diet for a start and eat plenty of veggies, fruits and water?
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Hi there, always good to have some responses with different opinions.

Regarding changing locations, we have not moved and our lifestyles have not changed. We still eat the same way, from my wife's side she really eats healthily and exercises religiously so there is definitely no reason for these strange symptoms to be happening. I admit that from my side my exercising has slowed down a lot and I could possibly understand a little weight gain. I do eat a lot of fruit, take vitamins and drink water. stopped chocolates and sweets and fizzy drinks....Cut out Beer not that I drink a lot, just socially, If I drink its a little whisky...

this burning white, geographic tongue and major fatigue is really irritating

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Did you get checked for any parasites. I had blastocyst Hominis
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Hi mate,
Going through something very similar to you after a two-way unprotected oral exposure with a CSW in south east Asia in beginning nov 2014.
Have tested negative to HIV 9 times since then, using either DUO or rapid blood draw tests.
Only positive diagnosis I have had is acute EBV (infectious mononcleosis), which I was diagnosed with by blood tests around 2-3 weeks after the exposure. i had all the classic mono symptoms then - sore throat, night sweats, white covered tonsils, fever, headaches - but they all passed within a couple of weeks, once the acute mono had passed.

Like you, I have -
1. permanent dry mouth with white coated tongue - sipping water keeps the bottom half fresh, but top towards back remains thickly coated. only partially scrapes off with a scraper
2. random acne/pimples on back/chest/shoulders/face - havent had this problem since i was a teenager (over 10 years ago!)
3.  fatigue - constantly yawning and feeling tired after 8pm. no energy to exercise
i also have angular cheilitis, very dry hands, and occasional loose stools.

The only things which seem to match my symptoms are HIV and the HIV-like illness in China that gained a lot of publicity in 2011 and 2012. Do you think the fact that both our exposures were with south East Asian women is relevant?

Do keep me updated if you make any progress on what has been affecting you and your family - hope we can help each other.
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Hi there, howz it going, not finding much joy yet..

still have permanent burning white tongue, with sores that come and go..
Itchy skin
Numbness in fingers and aching wrists and forearms
Very tired
Pimples/spots on chest scalp and shoulders
Sore joints

have also started having very painful neck and shoulders over the last couple of days...

Also found this last weekend that if I have a few drinks I seem to feel as if I've been drinking all night.... and the next day I have a seriously bad nauseous hangover...

Sons still having heart issues, with pimple like sores, dry itchy skin on feet/hands.. painfull muscles and joints

Well lets hope someone finds a miracle fix..

Are there any other threads with any informative news on similar issues..??

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Google .... new HIV like virus. Doctors are saying it is all in their heads. Look at some of the pictures. People are being affected by something that is causing minor to major neurological problems. Also causing skin related issues. Are any of you guys suffering from any cognitive problems? I went from being a rational thinking microbiologist to one that has OCD and brutal insomnia with tinnitus in the back of my head that wont go away. Although the cause of morgellons is and will not be known, it does fit all of our symptoms.
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I have tried many things to no avail for my cognition. Some people claim a high alkaline diet help lower the skin conditions. You could try that.

My children are now very sick which makes me feel even more guilty. I hope you guys get better soon. Please tell me if you find anything that works. My sleeping meds are starting to have a decreased effect. I get 4 hours of sleep a night. Doctors do not know what is wrong.

Does your son have any cognition problems? I am so worried that I have hurt my kids cognitive abilities.
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Hi Itchy,
How are you doing?
Me, I have to say, not so well at all. Got a swollen armpit node that throbs intermittently, and a case of folliculitis on chest and back that seems to be worsening.

I dont see a miracle fix anywhere on the horizon unfortunately mate. No one even recognises this as an illness!

Like Normanred, I too have read a lot of the China HIV-like illness. Pretty much every symptom I have is on that list, plus my exposures were in south east Asia.

There is plenty out there for people who have worrying symptoms after an exposure, but test negative for HIV. Will send you a message
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Hi Norman,
Dont think ive had an cognition problems except a heightened inability to concentrate, but i think this is largely because i have started compulsively googling during working hours and in the evening. I cant get HIV and my symptoms out of my head, even for a minute. Its a truely depressing existence at the moment.
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I must of went to my doctor 5 times asking for HIV tests. It seemed like the only disease that made sense. Tested negative for all.  He told me I was becoming over compulsive which before all this happened I never was. It feels as though the way I use to think has been completely altered. For the first 3 months of whatever I have I could not focus on anything but my many seemingly unrelated issues. Concentrating was brutal and was sure I was going insane. I am a different person for sure. It seems that I am somewhat adapted to the lack of sleep but going to bed is a nightmare for me. I use to have very bad tremors and very bad vision. Most of that has improved but I am no where as sharp as I use to be. My current doctor, who is great, is telling me that I just need to go for runs and adjust sleeping medication. I use to run 10 k three times a week. I have not run in months. When I do I feel like I going to fall down.

I have been to so many sites that talk about people with long term health problems that seem to have no known cause. Doctors are so quick to pull out the pad to deal with the problem as a mental disorder. In their defense, there is no disease they know of that could cause such symptoms. However, I have read so many story's of people with the same symptoms as we show. Natural paths call it a systemic yeast infection or other parasitical. Skin problems and itching I get but the that does not explain how the CNS is affected by such things.

Whatever this is it seems to cause neurological damage. I have thought so hard about what happened first. Did I feel so awful in my body that I became so occupied with it and my mind started playing tricks on me. OR Did my nervous system start having problems that lead to physical symptoms. As Itchyburn said his doctor thought he had anxiety. Is anxiety caused by a nervous system disorder as the result of some kind of infection or result of infection? I guess it does not really matter which one came first. All I know is I have a lot symptoms that relate to many other people? I can not be simply crazy.

OK... now for the crazy questions :-)

Have you observed the growth of any white hairs on your face or arms?
Lower than normal body temperature?
A pressure or head ache feeling behind the eyes?
Urinary issues?

From time to time I have these small flakes of glitter that appear on my skin --- hands, face, and head. Very easy to miss. On the floor, there are these same pieces of glitter in the dust bunnies on the floor. I know it could very well just be craft glitter and I am more focused on things these days. I have to ask if you guys have ever noticed that? Sounds crazy i know.

If any other symptoms arise, please let us know.

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I hope we have different things and you do not go down my road. I did search on Syphilis and does cause some very strange conditions. It can be hard to detect and not something doctors look for. If it is that, it may be a quick fix.
Search CDC STD .

Many people with Lyme disease and some with Morgellons test positive for a different kind of spirochete that afflicts them. Spirochetes are a type of bacteria that can cause life threatening consequences if left untreated.

Since your family has ailments, it seems unlikely that is the case as it requires close contact. However, the literature suggests that some spirochetes can be transmitted by physical contact.

It is quite possible that people from other countries might have different types of spirochetes. Different types of spirochetes might have evolved to fit the niche they are in. When someone from a different geographical location comes in contact with them, they may produce much more severe conditions.

Wouldn't hurt to get checked for that. If you have had any open lesions or anything you remember early on in your condition that might be similar symptoms. The ulcers are not usually that painful.
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Have you observed the growth of any white hairs on your face or arms?
YES!  A couple of white hairs in my chin area which werent there before. Also a lone white hair on my chest that wasnt there before. No white hair on my head though. What on earth could be causing this?

Lower than normal body temperature?

A pressure or head ache feeling behind the eyes?
Yes but only very occasionally

Urinary issues?
Yes - limited to more frequent urination and slightly less bladder control. Not to the point where its a hazard, but just less able to restrain the need so end up going sooner than I would have had to in the past, if that makes sense.
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If you go to morgellons uk   or morgellons research org. They discuss most of the symptoms we have and some much stranger conditions that you don't have --- feel lucky for that. All causes on just speculations so don't read too much in to that. What is strange is that so many people have similar ( unusual symptoms ). On top of that, all regular doctor say it is just in your mind. Perhaps it would be better to say... I do not know what you have but you must have something. As powerful as the mind is, it can not cause such similar skin manifestations as all these other people. All symptoms also involve some kind of neurological condition... some mild some very severe. I can somewhat function these days but not being able to sleep properly for 9 months is causing a brutal effect on me. I have never been one to whine about things.

I am not sure if your compulsive thinking about HIV is still present or not. If it worsens, that could be neurological in nature. If you have any other of those symptoms on those websites I would like to know. ( Even if they seem far fetched. ) I have seen some weird stuff that as a science minded person has had a profound effect on me.

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I had urination problems for the first three months. About 10 times during that time I would pee out material that looked like thread filaments. I got a urine test done that said no pathogen but solid material was present. My urination issues are much better but every once and a while I am sure urine looks like it has material in it. Not sure if you had this problem.

On the strange hair business, I have several long white hairs on my chin, forehead, back, and arms. They are very thin, white and several are spiral shaped. Is this the start of going crazy :( ...  I can think several crazy people I have met with a crazy stringy white hair. Maybe insanity is contagious.
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Any improvements? :(
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