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So I have been to about 4 doctors and as of right now I have been told to try Yoga.
However, I feel like there might be something else going on. It started with the bottom of my feet and the palms of my hands being sore. (palms seem to be ok now) I have had body aches in the form of short busts in both arms and lower legs. Tailbone area has been sore for months, especially if I clentch my bottocks. Sometimes my armpits are sore but there are no hard lumps that I can feel (Better if I dont use deodorant). I have recently started getting light headaches. ( I have never gotten headaches before.)  I get fatigued pretty easily.
Below are my blood results which seem to be fine. I was given some STD testing because of unprotected sex on 6/3/2017. In addition to the tests below, I was tested for Lyme and Rheumatologist tests. Lyme came back in the middle but western blot came back negative. I was thinking maybe this is Mono since it is the only thing I havent been tested for.

Name Result Date Reference Range
CBC w/DIFF, PLATELET CT. 2017-09-19
WBC 8.71 3.66-11.99
RBC 5.10 4.20-5.90
HGB 14.6 12.3-17.0
HCT 43.9 39.3-52.5
MCV 86.1 80.0-100.0
MCH 28.6 25.0-34.1
MCHC 33.3 29.0-35.0
RDW 14.2 10.9-16.9
POLYS 61.5 36.0-78.0
LYMPHS 27.0 12.0-48.0
MONOS 7.9 0.0-13.0
EOS 2.3 0.0-8.0
BASOS 1.0 0.0-2.0
PLATELET COUNT 253 144-400
MPV 11.0 8.2-11.9
hsCRP 2.5 See Below
Total Protein 7.6 5.9-8.4
Albumin 4.7 3.5-5.2
Globulin 2.9 1.7-3.7
A/G Ratio 1.6 1.1-2.9
Sodium 142 135-147
Potassium 4.6 3.5-5.5
Chloride 101 96-108
CO2 28 22-29
BUN 11 6-20
Creatinine 1.01 0.90-1.30
e-GFR 96 >or=60
e-GFR, African American 111 >or=60
BUN/Creat Ratio 10.9 10.0-28.0
Calcium 9.8 8.6-10.4
Bilirubin, Total 0.4 <1.2
Alk Phos 87 40-156
AST 19 =60
GC/Ct RNA, TMA, Throat (quest) 2017-08-22
C. TRACHOMATIS RNA, TMA Not Detected Not Detected
N. GONORRHOEAE RNA, TMA Not Detected Not Detected
HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab 4th Gen w Reflex RNA (Quest) 2017-07-28
HIV AG/AB, 4TH GEN Nonreactive Nonreactive
LIPID PANEL 2017-07-28
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Hi .
Could you please tell us your age, gender and verify are you african/american?
These answers are necessary to evaluate certain test results, but overall, most people would "kill" to have such results,lol!

Please verify the following:

ESR,WESTERGREN 22 =60   Is your result 60?
Normal values are 0-22 mm/hr for men and 0-29 mm/hr for women.

EGFR AFRICAN AMERICAN 103 >=60  Is your result 60, where 103 > is the lab's baseline/normal value ?

hsCRP 2.5 See Below  The See below is missing.
I was expecting some explanation, however, the lab might have this at the very bottom of your report, or perhaps another page.
My suspicion is that they point out that 2.5 hs-CRP value
is the normal for females (1.5 being the normal for men).

Your HDL levels could be increased. Try adding some quality Omega-3s in your diet and as supplements.

According to most unbiased studies, the lower the total cholesterol the higher the mortality from all causes.

The lower normal range for total cholesterol is to my opinion far too low, specially for women.
A well-functioning body needs ample cholesterol for optimum nervous system function, hormonal production  brain function and more.
So if your total cholesterol goes up to the upper end of the range, it might serve you better, despite the fact that the medical/pharmaceutical system is going the opposite direction (trying to lower again the range).

I'm surprised, you were not tested for vitamin D, magnesium, B12 and folate.
The proper tests to ask for are:
25(OH)D for vitamin D, magnesium RBC for tissue magnesium, and MMA (to measure Methylocobalamin B12 and Methylfolate levels which are the respective bioactive forms of these vitamins).

Best wishes,
Hi Niko, thanks for reaching out. I am a 35 year old white male. Ive been pretty healthy until now where I feel like I am falling apart and cant stop googling symptoms.  I also gained 18 pounds before any of this started in about a month.

The first value is what I tested at. So ESR was 22
EGFR is 103 baseline greater than 60

I am just scared this is some sort of virus. its been going on for a couple of months now with the additional symptoms happening each month. i.e. started with pain on bottom of feet, then intermittent pain in arms, now headaches and most recently intermittent armpit discomfort, like my skin is rubbing.

Your cortisol is probably staying high for prolonged time and this could cause your thyroid function to decrease.
Add to the items not tested from my previous reply a 4 x cortisol test (saliva) and DHEA. Look up the stress profile testing at the BioHealth Labs website, as a reference.
A decreased thyroid function would explain the weight gain and most of your symptoms.
Avoid the standard TSH and T4 tests and opt for the Free T3, Free T4 and
Reverse T3, which would more accurately indicate your thyroid function.
Many people  are in medical limbo, because their doctors relied on flawed test results. :(

Keep monitoring kidney function.
It's borderline low.
A low inflammatory diet will benefit you greatly as well. Avoid excess alcohol (liquid sugar + toxicity), sodas
sugary foods, junk food, all cooking oils which are proinflammatory (use coconut oil instead which does not degrade in heat), go low carb, take omega-3s and lower stress levels.
Stay active and fit, avoid very strenuous activities and exercise.
Moderate to medium is the way to go.
These are general suggestions.

Need more details about anything,
post again anytime.

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Hello~Well, I can't add much to all the excellent info that Niko has given you. I will add, however, that maybe seeing a good chiropractor would be of some benefit, you may have some pinched nerves or misaligned vertebrae along your spine and neck, if this is the case, then you will indeed have the symptoms you are mentioning. A few good adjustments, along with the info Niko has given you, should have you feeling like a new woman in no time. :-)

Oh, and the lab results are great. Your cholesterol is on the low side, in my opinion. I have been told by ND's that it is not the cholesterol you need to worry about, it is the inflammation, that is where the High sensitivity CRP come in to the picture, I like to see it 1 or below, this shows the amount of inflammation in your arteries, when there is a lot of inflammation, the fats can "stick" to the rough fingers that the inflammation causes, this is what causes the heart attacks, when the blood breaks loose from those fingers and has clotted. Actually, as we get older, we need more cholesterol, it manufactures all the other hormones needed in the right amounts. I drink what is called an "Inflammation Cocktail" every morning. Here is the recipe: 1 teaspoon of Curcumin, 1/4 teaspoon of the following: Ginger, cinnamon, chili powder, and a dash of black pepper. I tell you, it works; for the longest time, I had global pain (pain all over) I was starting to think I was going to be bed ridden, well, my chiro gave me this recipe, within a day or two, I started to feel different, and now, the pain is hardly noticeable, the diagnosis of fibro is no longer applicable. Try it, you might be very surprised. You just mix all the ingredients in a glass of water, then, instead of rinsing the glass completely, put some more water in it and drink that part, some folk hate the taste, I don't mind it though.

I hope you get the relief you want soon. God bless you.
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