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Strange all over body symptoms!!! Is it STD related?

I have been dealing with all sorts of symptoms for about a year now but don't know what I'm suffering from. It all started with rectal bleeding when passing stool, doctor linked it to hemorrhoids which went away with proper treatment. Then I developed brown bleeding between periods, and vaginal as well as anal itching. Tested negative for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Gyno believed it was a yeast infection and period irregularity. Got prescribed birth control which eliminated my discharge but if I stop taking it, bleeding comes back, as well as Diflucan and terconazole to treat yeast infection. Itching continued after treatment. During terconazole treatment, I experienced what appeared to be a rash (red bumps) on the left buttock that went away in about 4 days and hasn't come back since. All the rash went away expect for one bump in my buttock. Went to my gyno again, showed her pictures of the rash as well as showed her the bump that remained and told her about the itching on genitals, and she believed it is folliculitis and a yeast infection once more. Aside from this, I have also experienced itching on armpits, and where earlobes meet facial skin (can feel but not see tiny bumps on earlobes). Lastly, I have had fever blisters inside lip in the past, but have been struggling persistently with stringy saliva, dry lips, darkening of vermillion border,  and just recently yellow spots on tonsils and tiny, scaly bumps on lips.  Could I be suffering from herpes, tonsillitis or something else? Is this STD related or a series of unfortunate combinations of diseases? Please help!!!! Can't take it anymore, I'm desperate. What doctor should I see or should I wait my symptoms out until I have my next dentist's appointment? Maybe a dermatologist, but what about my mouth issues?
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