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Strange pop/zap feeling in back of head

Hey guys for the past 4 months I've been having this very strange pop/zap like sensation to the back of my head on the right side. It happens when i move my head in a certain way to the left. It's not painful at all and doesn't always happen but it's very scary and it makes me think there's something wrong with me. I've been to the doctors 4 times but they keep telling me they have no idea what is and try to prescribe me anti depression pills. The popping sensation kind of feels like there's a rubber band in my head and some one is softly pulling it and letting go. Please any feedback would be much appreciated.
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ok, since you asked twice, but not sure I have much to offer...  What struck me is that this happens when you move your head, so seems musculoskeletal.  It doesn't sound painful, but like something isn't right.  So they're not going to do surgery at this point, and, yes, will encourage you to ignore it.  When you said 'zapping' in your head, that caught my attention.  For years I felt this sensation as of someone were running strings or placing playing cards in my brain.  It didn't hurt, it was odd.  And I suspected an infection at one point because it became increasingly tingly-burny.  I won't try to describe everything I've been through since then, it's alot.   But cut to the chase, I discovered I have Lyme disease.  And more to the point, there is no help through regular medicine because they only can help a brand new infection, but if you have Lyme, like most of us, it has been there a while and even if you could get a mainstream Dr to do a test, it's not going to detect an infection that's more than a month old or so.   Other sx to look for are nuerological sx, brain fog, extra emotions, fatigue, and pain.  You will have to pay an LLMD to do the tests that can determine if you have Lyme.  If you think this could be infection based, rather than movement based, I encourage you to do so.  Good luck!
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By doctors you mean general practitioners?

have you been to see a neurologist?

my advice is to go to another doctor and say symptoms that will warrant them to refer you to a neurologist even if the symptoms aren't true the goal here is to get an mri scan to rule out anything more serious.

As for the anti depressants don't take something that you don't believe you need my neurologist suggested I take antidepressants because I told him I get emotional and anxiety but I know I'm only like that due to my periods and I don't need more medication I'm not happy with the current medication I'm taking but I need it to control my seizures.
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Just to say, I think this is pretty common.  I've had it many times over my life.  Sometimes you just move your head too fast or at an odd angle and it doesn't agree with your head.  Not to say it might not be something else,  but just to say, it might just be a pretty benign thing.
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Hello~It sounds like something similar that I have at times. Mine is a form of vertigo/dizziness brought on by anxiety and/or stress.  Also, vertebral misalignment can cause these symptoms. I would try seeing a chiropractor or an osteopath, they are able to work on areas of the neck and upper back that could be causing this, plus, will probably take some x-rays of the area to see what is going on.  After they study the readings, they will go over them with you and probably start treatments.

Also, sometimes another reason for head zaps are SSRI's especially if the patient is stopping them, this is one of the side effects.

I hope you feel better soon, these feelings are no fun.
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I'll add that I was under the care of neurologists as my main doctors for about a decade.  MRI's showed small scattered lesions that increased until I was solemnly informed I have a brain disease but that they have no way of knowing the causative agent (pathogen).  Mainstream medicine isn't like an episode of House.  I was eventually told to get my financial affairs in order, (which I had no capacity to do).  I was dying in great misery and all they could tell me was it was natural causes.  Nobody wants to pay a private doctor when you have insurance.  But until you've experienced it, it's hard to comprehend that there will be no help through insurance employed doctors for pathogen caused disease unless it's an STD or cancer.   Lyme disease is really common, about 3Million people a year contract it in the US.  It only seems rare because most people are never diagnosed.  Most never noticed a tick.  They're everywhere (except HI) underourskin is a great documentary- the trailer is free on Amazon.  There is good treatment now through LLMD's, but don't wait because you can stop it, but it gets harder to reverse.  Good luck, please pass on this info.  I really want people to know!  God bless
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