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Strange symptom

I will sleeping in the middle of a dream and either I was walking in my dream or being dizzy with everything going up and down . I woke up and I was sweating all over. No other symptoms I'm a 47 and recently diagnosed with a white matter lesions and all tests are negative
I don't know if this feeling actually happened or it was in my dream.
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"I am trying my hardest to help myself."
Hi, that's an excellent attitude.

Night sweats are generally from the immune system, involving inflammation. You once had an ear problem that was relieved by an anti-inflammatory steroid. Attack on the white matter by the immune system causes MS. MS is not really understood well, most cases are "diagnosed by exclusion" which roughly means they don't really know -- but everything else was ruled out. The immune system itself is not really understood well. I'm trying to point out that everything might be tied together for you.

Bodywide inflammation can be affected a lot by what happens in the intestines. Annie's recommendation is indeed the most commonly given dietary one, for many conditions (even in the spine, spondyloarthopathies). Or you might be an unusual case in which the exact opposite in food is what's best for you. You can't know until you try.

"I am trying to find out why it happened in the first place!!"
Any unusual family history? Childhood history?
Any immense stress or any severe infections?

"I don't know if this feeling actually happened or it was in my dream."
With your ear history, I'd guess it is real. Inflammation can be worse at night.
If it happens again, I'd stand up right afterwards and find out - just make sure you don't keel over and bang your head.
Yes, I did have Sensoneureal deafness in 2014 reversed. So far the white matter hyper intensities are not indicative of MS . But I always think  of this or Parkinson because of various balance issues, muscle pain , loss of strength in arms (can't hold them up for long without pain), vertigo, debilitating migraines and auras, tingling etc. I am having another MRI in May maybe it will clarify matters.
Well, what I'm trying to convey is this: since MS isn't well understood, let's say that you might have a condition that we can call "MS that isn't quite MS".

Or this way: if a doc says "you don't have MS", how can that be authoritatively stated when MS is a diagnosis by exclusion?

Unfortunately, your case is not clear cut. Yep, that can be very frustrating and frightening and filled with uncertainty.

So let's maybe try saying that you have some sort of "neurological problem of inflammatory origin", which is as of yet without an official name. Since there is no cure for MS anyway, patients have come up with many novel ideas on how to lessen MS symptoms, and to try to prevent things getting worse. You might hit on something that benefits you individually.

And... it might help if you find patients telling their stories on youtube or elsewhere, that are similar to you. Even just to feel like you're not alone. I'll help you find some if you like.


As far as Parkinson's, I'd guess that your dopamine levels were tested?
Yes, I would love if you could help me. As far as Ms is concerned, lesions are not typical for ms BUT  I have ms like symptoms, mood , numbness, tingling , loss of balance, bladder issues etc.... No my dopamine levels not yet tested
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anxious: I didn't find any patient stories about White Matter Disease specifically. Maybe you can.

So since MS is somewhat similar to you, you can try this one, "My MS Story - 17 Years Until a Diagnosis"  He refers to many other patient stories. That vid will lead to many other vids. He also has decided to not take the recommended powerful drugs, as of yet.

I'm not saying that you have MS, I'm saying that what these people have to say might benefit you - and also make you feel less alone. Besides, videos can be easier to digest than written articles and scientific texts.

Here's one vid mentioning taking B6, which is also recommended BTW for various kinds of nerve danage.

Here's a very short one that mentions blood vessel **inflammation**, cholesterol, diabetes, smoking:

Here's a very technical one about comparing MRIs of MS on one hand, versus other white matter lesions that might get mistaken for MS:
It might only be helpful to see the rather long list of diseases there that can be mistaken for MS or vice versa. Lupus is one, and lupus is a famous inflammatory disease.
It's 11 minutes, but watch just the first two minutes to be convinced that this whole field is unclear.

The unclear confusion can go both ways, so roughly 18% of people diagnosed with MS actually have something different. This vid is technical, so I'll link only to the spot where she briefly describes immune system (aka inflammation) involvement: https://youtu.be/9LCkA1en3Jc?t=600

Here's one on diet, Paleo versus low saturated fat. My guess is you would do better on one or the other, it's not one-size-fits-all:

How's your blood pressure?
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I just had a holter for bp . Its normal low end . Cardiologist was impressed
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Well, you could get the feeling of motion sickness in a dream, and if so maybe it would be real enough to cause you to sweat. But if it happens again, ask your doctor.

Are you on a particular diet to improve the white-matter situation? A diet rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits, and olive oil and low in dairy, red meat, and processed meat is said to be good for white-matter issues.
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I am trying my hardest to help myself. I am trying to find out why it happened in the first place!! So far everything is clear
I have Seen white latter appear in a friend's MRI of her brain. Unfortunately I believe the matter was cause by silicone that was transported via her circulation fron broke silicone breast implants. Hope you have had no experience with Silicone Annie!
That's a good thought, Chuckie. Apparently it doesn't fit for her, but it certainly was worth mentioning.
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