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Stress and anxiety issues

I'm 15 years old & a few years ago i started having spells of anxiety, nervousness & depression, this was just as i started high school. it went away for a long time, but recently I've started having a lot of anxiety, light headedness, tension in my throat, crying spells, paranoia, nervousness, confusion, slight forgetfulness, stress and a racing heart very often, I've got hardly any self-confidence and i often feel stupid or delusional, like my mind is clouded. in class I've had a strange panic attack sort of thing, but it would only last a second and its only happened once or twice. This really scares me and i would like to do something about it.
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school is very stressful. if you get into drama with your friends, that can be very frusteration. talk to someone about it. simple as that. you cant just bottle up all of your feelings, because they will all build up and you'll be more stressful and frusterated than ever. tell someone how you feel. make sure its somebody you can trust. an adult is the best way to go, because unlike friends they wont strt rumours and cause more dram, i hope this helps. good luck
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i started having anxiety at both of yalls age as well. I am now almost 20 and still have anxiety but have gotten medication that helps me deal with it. you should try seeing a psychiatrist and talking with them about your issues. I let my anxiety just bother me for years without doing something about it, one of the worst decisions of my life. I am now a changed person now that i am seeing someone who can help and understand where anxiety comes from and also gives me medicine that controls it when there is no other option. i hope this helps and I know being that age is confusing and tough, but you will soon mature and realize that all the petty high school drama/problems you are faced with are almost comical. do not sweat the small stuff-best advice i wish i could have told myself at that age, that is why i am telling you now to help :)
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Sounds like me. I am 14 years old and I had been going through anxiety, nervousness and depression.What has helped me through was my family, my dad and sister, but they lived in another country. While my mother and other sister aren't that supportive, I would always tell my other family whats been going on and they have cheered me up. My point is, try be happy. It works. xox
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