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I'm asking this question for a 28-year-old female. What could be causing joint pain, sore throat, and hives? The doctor told her it's a cold, but we know better.  Thank you.
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So there is a spectrum of diseases that can manifest itself with joint pain, sore throat, and a rash (hives). These things include rheumatologic diseases , infection, and autoimmune diseases. Just given the brief history that you gave, I cannot tell you one is more likely that the other. By far the most common disease state associated with these symptoms is in fact the common cold. If you think that this is something certain items need to be emphasized:
1. Duration of symptoms
2. Location of joints that have pain.
3. Is there swelling associated with the pain
4. What other symptoms are associated with the joint pain, sore throat and hives
5. Does the rash coincide with the joint pain.
6. Have you had the symptoms before? If so how many times and how long did they last

If the symptoms have persisted for more than 5-7 days that I would consider going back to the health care provider and emphasize the points above.
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Well, has she had a strep test? The rash could be scarlet fever from the strep infection.  I had a strep infection without a sore throat, but with scarlet fever, and every joint in my body was involved.  I could barely walk.   I had no idea strep could cause these symptoms.  You can also have a negative rapid strep test.  What you really need is a culture and a blood draw to make sure.  I got the run around for quite a while.  I went to the doctor and said "my fingers are swollen" and he said "they don't look swollen to me."  Well I kept at it and insisted that something was wrong...strep showed up in my blood.  Good luck and if they have not cultured the throat and done blood work, then make them.  
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