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Sudden Joint Pains

Hello, I am a 25 yr. old female.  Last month, I began feeling pain in my joints. I haven't been to the Doctor yet due to my busy school and work schedule. I hope you can help me figure out these mystery pains

    March 7th, I returned to my parents for the weekend to find my nephew was using my heater and used a multitude of blankets to keep warm that night. My cat often sleeps between my feet causing my legs to be bowed when I slept.  When I woke up the next morning with sore knees, I believed this with the help of the blankets pressing down was the cause.  Over the next week, I continued to feel sore and have pain in my knees when lifting them straight up such as to climb steps.  It moved to my left elbow which also only felt pain during the same mid-range of motion. My upper back also became sore and was painful when I leaned forward such as to sit up from bed (arching forward). The back pain was the worst that weekend.  The pains persisted in my upper-back, elbow and especially my knees which were at their worst during the next week (the week of the March 17th). I went home again that weekend for the entirety of the next week and slowly the pains left. However, I still had soreness in my left knee and elbow. I began taking Centrum Women's multivitamin during this week. On the 30th, I noticed pain in my wrists after being on the computer for awhile.  The wrist pain occurs now whenever I spend a while at the computer, my elbow gains the same soreness when holding up my iPod while I'm reading from it while laying down in bed and my knees become sore whenever I sit for even a short while, especially Indian style.  

I'm not sure if they would be connected to the joint pains in any way, but I seem to being catching a cold. Today I have been sneezing quite a lot.  Also, I had bad cough followed by a severe migraine that had me in tears the Tuesday night before March 7th. The pressure in my head was severe and was made worse when I cleared my throat or coughed.  The next day I went to the school medical center when I felt nauseous that morning. I was told that I may have had the flu the day before, but a stomach bug was going around and that is what I probably had that day. I was given medicine to stop the nausea and that was it.
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It is possible that a flu virus will give you joint pain and sometimes it can be severe
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Really, for so long? I don't usually get sick, but the few times I've had the flu its been mostly just nausea, stomach pains and fatigue. I know you can have joint pains while you have the flu although I've had very little of that in the past, but I wasn't aware that it could continue for such a long time afterwards. I've never had this sort of reaction, especially without any other symptoms (I didn't have the symptoms I had earlier in the week, when the joint pains started.)
Honestly, I hadn't even thought about how sometimes you can have joint pain when you have the flu until you mentioned it.
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yes, the first time it happened to me, I thought i had some kind of near fatal illness the pain was so bad , i couldn't keep my body still. i tossed and turned all night in pain, and it did last for about a month. It felt like it would go from one joint to the next, all around my body, and then sometimes both knees or both wrists etc at the same time. It was weird. An aching throbbing.
my doctor told me it was a virus.
Later I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but the doc still says it was a virus that time.
If you can't focus or think straight because of pain, I would definitely see Dr.
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My joint pain doesn't sound like it was anywhere near as bad as yours, but I did go to the Dr. on Wednesday for another reason. I had severe stomach pain and nausea. The last time I had any real joint pain was last Friday (April 4th). I told the Doctor everything about the last month though and she ordered blood work. Everything came back good, even the inflammatory test, because she said it could have been inflammatory arthritis brought on by the virus I had the week before the joint pain started. I do have a high WBC count (15), so she wants me to come in next week for more blood work to make sure it was just an infection.
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