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Sudden Memory Loss

My daughter is a 17 year old, physically healthy,moderatly mentally retarded child with some autistic characteristics.A week ago she had an episode of sudden memory loss,she didn't even know her own name, or the day, time,date,which are her'strengths'.Her dr.admitted her immediatly to the hospital.Her condition worsened over the next few days.Hallucinations,not able to sleep,not knowing where she was.It was very scary to se her in this state!After a battery of tests,CT scan and Lumbar Puncture included,we left the hospital not knowing what happened.Her memory is improving,but she's still not sleeping.Not even Ambien will put her to sleep.She is aggitated beyond her 'norm'and still is 'forgetting' to do common everyday things and asking inappropiate questions like are we going swimming today.It's 35 degrees where we live!She is to have an MRI tomorrow,and a few blood tests are still pending,but I want some answers!I would appreciate any input from anyone that has ever seen or experienced such a thing.Thanks!
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though I cant offer you any advice though I wish I could.  I can only wish you hope and finding the answers know you are in the heart of strangers.
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Thank you! I do appreciate it.
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I'm glad to hear they are doing an MRI. Hopefully that you should answer your questions.

I wish you all the best... and please let us know what the outcome is, if you can.

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Thanks, and I will let everyone know what the outcome is.
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Sounds like the MRI is the best type of test for these types of symptoms...best of luck and keep us informed.
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It sounds very very very scary. I really hope they find out whats wrong. Sorry I couldn't help. Did she hit her head on anything? GoodLuck!
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