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'Sunburn' on legs without actual sunburn?

I'm posting this again because I wanted to add something but didn't see an 'edit' option.

So, a while ago I developed a weird sunburn feeling in my legs. It didn't itch, but it gave off heat and even peeled after it went away, like I was ACTUALLY sunburnt, but I hadn't been sitting out in the sun for a long period of time, or even been outside in a couple of days. It took about a week to go away both times. I've only had it happen twice. It was accompanied by a rash. It covered my shins and went around towards my ankles, but not entirely. It wasn't blotchy or anything, just a big red spot on both my shins. The burning never spread, and neither did the rash/redness. Any place my legs were red, it burned like I had been sitting out in the sun all day. Touching it hurt, pants rubbing against it hurt, my blankets hurt it. My parents thought it was because I might be diabetic, but haven't been diagnosed and can't go back to the Drs as my share of cost is too high. I do have some sugar problems; undiagnosed (almost positive) hypoglycemia. Elevating my legs helped, as well as walking, and hanging my legs over the edge of my bed. Some friends said it could have been poor circulation, as I was bedridden for several months.
Both times it happened, it was only after drinking soda. I haven't had soda in about a year and haven't had the rash or burning sensation since. My mom thought it was the carbonation, but I drink carbonated, flavored water everyday. If I was diabetic, wouldn't other sugary drinks do the same thing? I drink things like apple juice, sweet tea, and tropical punch and it's never happened after drinking those. I'm not sure what else it could be, any help would be appreciated!
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There is no edit,but you can post this update as a comment to your original thread to keep it all together. If there was an edit, then lots of the answers wouldn't make sense.
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