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Superficial Thrombophlebitis??? Calf Pain, Hard to breathe

I am a 23 year old female, 5' 0'' tall, 90 pounds. I am generally healthy, eat well. I do not smoke. I am not on birth control. My only bodily complications is my legs. When I was 3 I was in a house fire and suffered from 30% third degree burns. I since have had numerous reconstructive surgeries. Both of my lower legs (from knee down) suffer from poor circulation. If I walk for a long time, my ankles swell up, etc. I also have nerve damage. No feeling in my skin from my knee down.
However, recently I experienced something new. I started feeling cramps in my legs, which I feel frequently, but then I had a distinct pain in my left calf I'd never had before. It kind of felt like a pulled muscle. I didn't think anything of it because I was travelling in Europe and had done alot of walking/stairs that I normally don't do.
Two days later, on my plane home from London to NJ, I had this weird almost panic attack feeling, for no reason. I am not scared of flying. But the walls of the plane felt like they were collapsing, I was having trouble breathing, and I could literally feel my heart pounding out of my chest. I thought I was going to die. I just tried to calm myself down and make it through the flight.
When I got home, I immediately started the pain in my calf again. Left calf. The pain changes. It goes from "mild discomfort" to "extreme pain". Varying from a feeling I can best describe as "fluttering" down my leg... and then sometimes a burning sensation... sometimes its more of a pulsating feeling. It is not constant. It's intermittent, but very often (every 30 seconds to minute). The pain is centralized in my left inner calf, but varies all around my leg. I have felt the pain as low as my mid-leg (beneath my calf) to as high as my mid-thigh.
I originally suspected cellulitis since I am prone to infection, and have been hospitalized with cellulitis in my legs before, but I jujst could tell it was a different pain.
5 days later I went to the ER. They did an ultrasound. No blood clot in my major veins, but they did not really touch on where it hurt (my calf).
2 days later (today) I tried a different ER. They did the same test. Ultrasound. No DVT in major veins.
Also, blood work came back "normal", but I don't think they did that D Dimer test.
Anyway, my calf is still in extreme pain. Not only my calf. My whole leg really. Mainly on the inside.... mid thigh.... knee.... calf.... right below calf....
I still am having trouble breathing (nothing severe). Just like it's really heavy to breathe.
I am also very dizzy when standing.
Also, could be unrelated, but worth mentioning. On the plane that day, and a couple of random times since then, I've suddenly had a blood taste in my mouth. (with no cut or anything).
My leg is heavy, as though there is a weight tied to it.
My personal belief is that I had a superficial thrombophlebitis, or still do. I felt a "vein" in my leg. I didn't know if it was a muscle, tendon, or what. But it was hard as rock and was where I pinpointed the pain, all the way up my leg.
The doctors didn't diagnose this, and when I brought it up, they said if that's what it is, it will resolve on its own so it is not life threatning and doesn't need to be treated in the ER.
So. What should I do? Wait it out? Are there other tests that should be done or does it really no matter that I may have this? Is there any chance that this thrombophlebitis travelled to my lungs without being a deep PVT?  (they did no lung tests or xrays or anything. When I brought up that i had trouble breathing, they said if i had any PE, my blood tests would show decreased oxygen)
Do I have anything to worry about? Or could it be something else I need to worry about?
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