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Sweet rotten smell in my left sinus. Possible culprit and remedy?

I've had surgery to straighten a deviated septum(2011). I had the surgery because I complained about the lingering odor. Months later the sweet rotten smell returned.

A recent CT scan revealed two normal sized cysts in my upper left sinuses. But I only was recommended Flonase. The ENT persuaded me from surgery to remove the cyst, because he didn't think it would help, in his experience. He also believed, my problems may be because of allergies.

He would go for the surgery if I wanted though. I'm trying the Flonase  for the last 3 months with no change in sweet rotten smell from sinus.

I should add, what I went to the doctor for, was a full blown sinus infection, when I was last referred to the ENT. My sinuses smelled really bad. Just like Athletes Foot. It was so bad for about 3 weeks.

That's how bad my sinuses get when they get infected.

Post nasal drip. Congestion. Loss of smell(though I can still pick up feet smell). Swelling in the back of the throat and left sinus.

So in short, lingering sweet rotten smell, during normal days. Heavy stinky feet smell during infection.

Does this seem like a typical bacterial or fungus infection? Maybe complications from cysts?

Any help will be appreciated.
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Do  a self-test for allergies, including delayed and hidden allergies.
It's called Dr. Cocoa's pulse test. It takes about a week to complete. Free public domain, just search for it.
This saved me from having repeat  surgeries every 4-5  years to remove polyps caused by "unknown "allergies, from both nostrils.
The  surgeon said impossible to determine this, even with a biopsy. Yeah, right.
I  just don't listen to that medical horse ****
Sinus infections, sleep apnea, funny smells and my quality of life had deteriorated terribly until
I had the surgery.
After  doing the test twice, it was conclusive  for allergy to pork.
This was about 15 years ago and  naturally, I have been  avoiding  pork products totally!
You could try the test and  stay away from any offensive foods, drinks, substances and see if the cysts diminish on their own. If not you may need the surgery.
The Flonase to my opinion just suppresses the symptoms on the surface, without much effectiveness in the long run.
Best wishes,

Thanks for the input. I'm going to do the test and see what turns up.

I'll post a answer in the new couple months ;)
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Do you have your tonsils still? It sounds like you have a lot of swelling in your ENT system so I wouldn't be surprised if it was tonsil stones. They smell awful, and doctors will tell you they're harmless, but they can actually cause problems. Get rid of your tonsils and you get rid of the stones.
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