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Swelling of the Lips

My son has bouts of severe swelling of the lips.  He went to an allergist and they did all the ususal tests.  He is allergic to dust among other things.  My question is, would dust allergies cause a person's lips to swell greatly.  This sweling doesn' follow any pattern, such as after eating certain foods.  The allergist doesn't think it's a spider bite, because it happens too much.

Thanks for any insight.

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I am glad to know that the tests have caught the allergen as dust. However the lips are swollen due to several causes like-“The swelling of lips may be of different types depending upon the causes of their occurrence like swollen lips medically termed as Myxedema or Angioedema, lip inflammation known to be as Eczema or Glucagonoma and enlargements of the lips referred  to as Acromegaly or Muccopolysacharidosis. The swelling of lip may also account for some general factors such as allergic reactions within the body or environmental factors such as exposure to excessive heat or cold etc. The allergic reactions may be because of sensitivity to a particular variety of food or beverage. In tropical countries desert regions it is seen that extreme heat & radiation from the sun may damage the lips especially the lower part of it leaving the lips swollen & hard dry.”Ref: http://www.wellcaresite.com/content/swollen-lips
Maybe you should look at other causes too. Generally dust allergy causes more generalized symptoms of which swelling of lips could be one of them. Ref: http://www.healthinfotranslations.com/pdfDocs/051007-Allergies-Ukr-FINAL.pdf
Localized swelling only of lips would mainly be due to contact allergy to food, hot or cold things, tissues, plastic or metal spoon etc ---think of things that come in contact with the child’s lips.
Please read through the links and discuss these points with your doctor. Let me know what your doctor says. If you need more help, please feel free to contact. I’ll be happy to answer your queries. Please keep me posted.
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I have been having localized swelling of the lips for the past three weeks. At first it happened once every few days but now everymorning I wake up with a swollen lip and it being numb in the area. Feels like the novacaine used by dentists. Its always a specic region of the lip, usually the right or left side. Either upper or lower lip. There is no itching, burning, or pus in the area. Only swollen lip that is numb. I have now notices the lower side of my face getting swollen accomponied with the side of of lip.  I wake up around 4am and I can tell that my lip has started to swell from it being numb and by morning its completly swollen and numb.  It will last all day unless I take some benedryl in which case it goes away within the hour. I have generally been healthy.  What could it possibly be?
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As you must have read in the earlier post to m120407, there are various causes of lip swelling. Please go through the links provided in the post. In your case it is localized to one side and involves a part of your face too. It is difficult to comment without examining, however it could be due to infection in your mouth area like a pus pocket in your gums or teeth or a caries tooth that has eroded the root canal. Interestingly this is also seen in ‘brass’ players. Involvement of a nerve or a blood vessel in the area too can cause similar symptoms. Jaw bone disorder like osteomyelitis or maybe a tumor pressing on blood vessel too should be ruled out.

You may have to undergo some tests or X-rays to reach a diagnosis. A clinical examination by a doctor will also be very helpful. Hope this helps. Please consult your doctor and let me know if there is any thing else.
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I am experiencing the exact same thing with swollen lip to one side, and I didn't like the response.  Did they READ what you said?  Clearly it's not an infection or dental issue.  Mine came on suddenly, and like you, no pain, no tenderness, no puss, etc.  Happened in the middle of the night.  Maybe a hint of numbness, prob. due to stretched skin.  I will go with what you said and take Benedryl (dyphenhydramine).  I think its an allergy.  It happened before me in the presense of kittens.  I only have adult cats now and sleep with them every night as I have for years and years, so I am puzzled as to what has caused this; no unusal elements in my surroundings or consumption.  Any ideas?
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I am also experiencing lip swelling for a long time. Recently I have learnt that iron or B2 deficiency could be a reason.
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