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Swollen Lympnode behind right ear ( Hard lump behind right ear)

I have had a small hard lump behind my right ear for about 2 years now, it doesnt hurt or itch, Iv'e noticed it since my wisdom teeth started growing out 2 years ago. It never really bother me, and some times it just goes away for a few days and then comes back. But just lately my wisom teeth started growing out even more and the lower ones are impacted(epecially the one on the right side) , and I started feeling pressure behind my ears and most mornings when I wake up the lump behind my ear feels extra hard and slightly bigger, but throughout the day it goes down and the pressure goes away. So lately I went to the doctor and he said its just a swollen Lymp node, that could be caused by an ear infection or maybe my impacted wisdom teeth, inwhich he reccommended I remove them. So he told me to have them removed and see if the lymph node goes away. Plus he also reccommended me to a ear specialist to check to see if I have an ear infection. And if after I remove my wisom teeth, especially the impacted one in the lower right corner, which is the same side the swollen lynode is on, if it doesnt go away, then he said he will refer me to Cervical lymphadenopathist. Does anyone have any other ideas inregards to this swollen lympnode? I'm scheduled to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed , so I will keep everyone updated. But please do comment if you can provide me with any other  information.
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Thanks  doctornee medical, I really appreciate your reply, I will keep you updated on my results after having my wisdom teeth is removed in a few weeks.
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It is really difficult to comment without examining. However it could be swollen lymph node due to impacted wisdom tooth or ear infection. It could also be a cyst as it increases and decreases in size with the day—less likely with a lymph node.
The other possibility is TMJ or temporo mandibular joint inflammation. This can happen due to impacted wisdom tooth. It may or may not present with typical symptoms but can cause some discomfort on opening the mouth.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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