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Swollen ?gland? under tongue

Okay--Here are the symptoms: (of course, by this time, I've convinced myself I have oral cancer...browsing on the internet is not a good idea...)
--sore throat for a week or so, just irritated, etc.  I don't have tonsils, and I frequently get sore throats, so I didn't rush to the doc.  Its usually viral.
--fever for a couple of days, then I went to the doc.  I also got a strange case of pink eye on the same day that I noticed the fever.
The sore throat was not deep in the throat, but more towards the top, around the back of the soft palate, and then a couple of days after, the lymph nodes/salivary glands (I'm not sure which) started to swell under one side of my tongue.  This has happened before, but always resolves rather quickly.
Now, the throat isn't sore, but the glands/nodes are still swollen and VERY tender to touch.  I can take a couple of Advil, and the swelling and pain goes away temporarily.  Okay, I've just talked myself out of cancer, b/c Advil wouldn't eliminate a tumor, even temporarily.  
Does anyone have a clue what can cause a sore throat, pink eye, fever, and swollen lymph glands/salivary glands??  My doc had me on a Z-pack for 5 days, and no reprieve.  So, I guess it's not bacterial.  I am healthy, go to regular checkups and have no real medical history, aside from the sinus/throat issues.  
I trust you guys, so let me know if any of you have experienced this type of thing.  How long does it take for this to go away?  Is it "normal" that my throat would quit hurting, but the glands still be swollen?
FYI--I don't have tonsils anymore.
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Of course, this is entirely out of my sphere of experience as a cable television installer.  But either it is a coincidence that you got the pinkeye near the same time as the throat problem or; you have a virus of some kind or; perhaps you have a salivary gland blockage (I think that can happen) along with a coincidental case of pinkeye.  
Or something else.  I agree that Advil probably wouldn't help cancer even temporarily.  

I realize this isn't the most helpful of advice.  I'm just guessing really.  

I'll research more on Discovery Health Channel the next time I'm installing a system.  Best wishes and take care of yourself, Glad.  We miss you, haven't seen you on much.
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Oh, I forgot to say before Carol or anyone beats me to it, that it could be Lyme disease, which has every symptom known to man and is virtually undiagnosable so almost everyone on the planet might have it at any given time.  I thought I'd save someone the trouble of telling you that.  

Did I forget anything?  Um I can't remember the other favorite diagnoses right now.  One is the "reaction to the antibiotic" guy, the MS people, and i think there was another one but oh well, they will have to post for themselves.  

Oh, parasites and toxins.  And HIV, but that's usually found on a different forum.  That's probably it for now.
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You are perfectly normal.  I get that **** ALL the time.  Depending on where you live (I live in Florida) and right now it's been really rainy/hot/wet/humid and it does a number on all of us.  But where some will get a cold, I will get the sore throat/swollen glands thing.  I recently was on a Z-pack and it took about 7 days to resolve.  Very painful to the touch.  The pink eye really was probably just part of the virus that hit you.

The glands being swollen are caused by excess mucuous that collects during the night while you sleep.  It's thick and doesn't drain like it should.  It eventually collects and forms a blockage that can become infected.  Sometimes, these will come out during a sneeze (very gross, won't describe it).  Sudafed is very helpful in promoting drainage.

Good luck and hope you feel better!

Who - And you say I'm bad, LOL!!!
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Okay...all of that is what I suspected.  It's just nice to hear the cable guy confirm dx.  
Thanks to you both for the info--Yes, Pammy, I'm in the South, in Alabama to be exact, so I understand the hot, clammy, humid thing.  

Heading to the ENT today b/c I just can't deal with this anymore.  Maybe he'll drain them!!!  

Bye all--
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Oh-  I forgot to say, I thought about the lyme's disease (ha) but realize that since it is soooo hot here, and I try to not even walk to the mailbox, it is doubtful that I've been bitten by a deer tick.  
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Someone will likely say it's still possible.
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hey girl..sorry i took so long to post. i can see your "other friends" (LOL) beat me to it! i have been busy obsessing over my own issues..LOL. you dont even wanna know what i thought i might have due to researching "stuff" on the internet. i, (like "who is this") dont have much experience with this stuff being a teacher!
you are underestimating yourself because anyone who ever posts about throat issues, you are "all over it" you teach music and sing so you are much more knowledgable. look at it from a different perspective: what would you say/suggest if someone else posted this? however, i think when you are wondering if you have throat cancer, that thought takes over and when its yourself, you dont know what to do!
do not forget, this worry/concern/stress will sustain your symptoms and add to them as well!! so TRY to relax.
my sister had a sore throat for a few weeks! so there is something going around (even though i live in new england). what about the old fashion remedy of gargling with warm salt water? OR is that too simple for what you have?
i do think the pink eye is a seperate virus and just so happens you got the two simutaneously. pink eye is horrible! i had it a few years ago.
i agree with pammy and her suggestions. she has been there and who is this...what are you trying to do to glad2beamom? put ideas in her head? LOL..i am quite certain she thought of all of those things anyway!
let us know how you are feeling ok? miss ya!!
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This is the third time the gland under my tongus has swollen up causing the flu like symptoms including tenderness to neck and throat.  The ENT I saw last said it was the submandingular gland and put me on augmetin but now I have it again.  When they did the CT scan they couldn't see anything with all the dental work I have had done in the past.  Does anyone know why this occurs or how to treat it at home?
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