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Swollen lymph node

Last night, my husband noticed a large lump on the side of his neck just above the collar bone.  It was very soft, more like fluid build-up than knotted muscle tissue.  I searched online and concluded that it was most likely a lymph node, so we went to the walk-in clinic today.  The nurse practitioner that saw him confirmed that his lymph nodes were swollen and did blood work for infection and when it came back with nothing, she told him he was fine and nothing was wrong.  She resisted any other questions and sent us on our way.  What I need to know is, "Why would he have a soft lump larger than a golf ball on his neck if nothing was out of the ordinary?"  Should we be afraid of this?
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Yes, supraclavicular lymphadenopathy (lymphnode in area between collar bone and jaw) is worrisome. Especially the ones larger than 1cm in diameter should be investigated thoroughly for cancers and granulomatous diseases. The right supraclavicular area receives drainage from the organs in chest, whereas the left supraclavicular lymph nodes drain the abdomen. The supraclavicular lymph nodes also receive lymphatic drainage from the breasts. Hence the malignancies of these regions are possible. Tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, histoplasmosis, cat scratch disease and cryptococcosis are the other possibilities.
Since I cannot examine your husband and know other related conditions he may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral.
Take care!

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*infections, stress, poisons, possible disease warnings
Should be steady, and ready for future possible attacks
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Thank you for your response!
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