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Swollen lymph nodes, excruciating 1 minute headaches

back in April, I started having trouble with swollen lymph nodes behind my ear on the right side, the muscles in back of my head by the neck line also swollen. When I first went to the doctor, they put me on doxycycline antibiotics as a precaution against ticks since I work outside for a living.  The swelling went down but I started experiencing excruciating headaches that tend to start whenever I am doing any type of activity. It also is very random, I never know when they will happen. They last about a minute then are over. This has been going on for several months now.
Anyway back in July, one of the bumps behind my ear oozed clear liquid sticky stuff out for several days. the swelling went down a bit, but has since increased again. The muscles in back of my head are still swollen. I have also experienced an extreme headache on the right side a month ago to the point where I almost went to the ER then, as I've never experienced something like that....

I had an ultrasound that came back negative and most recently an MRI that showed an aneurysm. However, the CT scan didn't show anything, so now I'm wondering whats going on as I still get the extremely painful headaches several times a day, that last a minute and then is gone.  I can live with the headaches, but its starting to interfere with work..
The lymph nodes behind the left side of my ear are also swollen. .    
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Hi. You say they showed you to have an aneurysm? That's normally an issue they take seriously. I would not think this is at all involved with the proposed lymph node or the pus filled area. First, lymph nodes are part of our immune system and they swell when we are fighting an infection.  Or our immune system is involved. Second, they are more internal and don't fester as that sounds more like a cyst or something along those lines. Here is information on aneurysms.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/156993#treatment  They can and often are symptom free but can burst and have a severe, even fatal outcome. Have you thought of going to a neurologist?  I think I'd do that next as they deal with brain things.  I think I'd set up an appointment as soon as possible.
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