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Swollen lymph nodes (neck posterior) and something swollen under chin

Swollen lymph nodes (neck posterior) and something swollen under chin right next to troat

Any suggestions what it might be? Been tested concl. negative for HIV and Hep-C

Been like this for about 3 monts now. Really worried...

Sometimes i also have little too warm body temp. ~37celcius

Im 21 yo male,and i havent had any real 'diceases' and my health seems to this day all ok.
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See private message for some info. on lymph nodes.  Did your doctor tell you that you have swollen lymph node?
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yes he did. but didnt seem concerned about... i have some bloodwork ready for monday and going to ultrasound next month...
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Did you get a chance to look at the material I sent you via private message?  Let me know how your bloodwork comes out?
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Bloodwork came out all GOOD.

here the details.

B-hb 183
B-HKR 40
B-Eryt 4.46
B-Leuk 7.7
E-MCH 31
E-MCHC 347
E-MCV 89
B-Trom 249
L-neut (A) 60
L-lymf (A) 30
L-Mono (A) 7
L-Eos (A) 3
L-Baso (A) 0.02
B-neut 4.58
B-ly 2.31
B-Monos 0.54
B-eos 0.19
B-Baso 0.02
B-Erblast 0.00
B-La 8
P-CRP <3
E-RDW  12

Now waiting for neck ultrasound (23.4)

Im pretty worried still,my neck post. lymph nodes (1 on each side) have somewhat grown a little in size, and lump under my chin changes its size too. What on earth could it be? The lump is pretty hard and has a kind of palpable <1 cm thick wire directin downwards to near my adams apple. :O
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I'm glad your bloodwork came back good.

The lump under your chin- did the doctor say it's on your thyroid?  (Your thyroid is in your throat.)
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No its higher,right in the corner where chin turns to troat.
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Has the doctor suggested a lymph node biopsy as a possibility?
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Hello again :)

i was in ultrasound and it told nada. now waiting my personal doctors opinion on biopsy...
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