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Swollen nodes, itchy rash, earfullness, etc. 15 yr old girl pls help!

Hi, I am a 15 yr old and desperately seeking help. It all started 4 months ago with a couple pea sized hard bumps unable to be seen to the eye but easily felt in the fatty tissue of my left earlobe. I went to my pediatrician who referred me to my ENT who said they were nothing to worry about just blocked oil glands. Fast forward a week and my left ear starts getting this fullness feeling that happens very often throughout the day. About a month passes and this is still happening so I jump on my computer and become a pro at researching everything it could possibly be causing this popping sensation. The worst of the problems was cancer so me being the worrier I am started looking into it. My first thought was nasopharyngeal cancer because it was the main cancer with the symptoms of blocked nose and ear fullness so I started feeling around my lymph nodes to see if any were swollen. I noticed i have a 3cm semi firm, movable, swollen posterior cervical lymph node and 2 smaller underneath that appear to be attached, on my right side of neck (opposite side of problematic ear). At this point in time my ear was not improving so 3 weeks ago I went to my pediatrician for ear fullness and was sent to my ENT. I was diagnosed with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (which I knew was a possibility) and while I was there I mentioned my swollen nodes to the P.A who saw me first and she said swollen glands are normal. The next day, I knew something wasn't right so I checked my whole body for Swollen glands and found a very hard immovable (feels fixed to the bone) where the bottom of my ear behind my earlobe meets my neck. It is not visible but i can feel it. Then a week or two ago my entire body was itchy and i broke out into a slight body rash that looked like tiny goosebumps. Also in the past two weeks i have been getting a sharp pain in my chest that last for about 3 seconds and happens about once a day. So i started worrying again and yesterday found what I feel like is a palpable supraclavicular gland. I have been tired/weaker last couple months and lost about 6 lbs in a month without trying. I also think i have been more bloated with indigestion way more often. At this point in time my earfullness problems have almost gone away but I am worried about everything else. I have symptons pointing to lymphoma but have had no nightsweats or fevers. I am young so i know that would be rare. Everybody calls me a hypochonodriac but my body has just not felt right lately and I have been so obsessed with trying to diagnose myself. Any info is helpfull and appreciated. Thanks!
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