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Symptoms Of Anemia?

The gums in between my two front teeth has been swollen and sore for about 3-4 days now. Yesterday it started becoming very red and irritated. Last night, upon inspection of the inside of my mouth to check on this sore, I noticed that I had quite a few small, flesh-colored bumps in the back of my mouth as well as a larger one directly on my uvula. I also noticed my left tonsil was slightly larger than the right one and this has been really worrying me.

I have also had more long-term symptoms that have affected me for the past few years and are now becoming intolerable. Symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, shortness of breath upon exertion, pale skin, cold feet/hands (mostly feet), chest pains (infrequent), weakness, memory loss(becoming more severe), irritability.

I understand that some anemia is due to heavy menstruation periods in women, but I have been taking Depo-Preverra on and off for almost 5-6 years now and haven't had a period since then.

I'm making a doctor's appointment for later in the week, but I hope I can get some kind of answer that will help, not knowing what may or may not be wrong with me is very stressful.
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There are several types of anemia, these are some of the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia:
The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Anemia includes the 26 symptoms listed below:
Mild early symptoms
Shortness of breath after exercise
Concave nails
Brittle nails
Husky voice
Tongue inflammation
Difficulty swallowing
Symptoms of sudden acute anemia:
Difficulty standing
Low blood pressure
Rapid breathing
Breathing difficulty
Rapid pulse
Additional symptoms of hemolytic anemia:
Yellow skin
Yellow eyes
I also experience the following: Nausea, feeling cold, heavy periods and headaches.
There are over 400 types of anemia's according to this website. I hope it's somewhat helpful.
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I'm pretty familiar with all the symptoms, but I appreciate the input. after a lot of thought I pretty much realized that the sore in my mouth is just an infected cut, probably from a popcorn snack that I eat. I told my husband that It's the universe demanding I take better care of my teeth and mouth.

Thanks again for that list though, I started taking some iron supplements. I'm starting with 27mg once a day, and if the symptoms don't lessen I'll take two a day or get a larger dosage if that doesn't work. I just wish I wasn't so darn tired all the time as it's starting to interfere with my daily activities.
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