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Symptoms for my more than a year and getting worse

I have been experiencing chronic disabling headaches everyday, there is not one day that goes by where I do not get a headache. They are where I cannot do anything at all. I am in the bed all day, even at night I am not able to sleep, and sometimes they are piercing where one side of my head feels like it is on fire. Also with this I have been having stomach pains and rapid weight loss, I do not work out and I do eat very healthy. I have lost 25 pounds in less than a month and it keeps going and i am scared. I am not able to eat much because of my stomach pain but when I am able to I am only eating healthy things. I am having loose stool with blood and coughing up blood.  My skin is also when you touch it to me hurts, when I put on my clothes and even when I sit down It hurts so badly. My fatigue is increasing to where I am just a vegetable, literally. I cant do much at all and I am growing so weak. Please I need help! I have been to the doctor but they cant find anything wrong but there is something wrong with me!! I am not supposed to feel like this or be going through this. I have four children and I want them to see their mommy healthy so please, anyone, help!!
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I suspect anemia, but what type?  That is, what is the cause?  

Did they do blood work to check for anemia, thyroid disease, Celiac disease?  That's where I would start.  
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I forget the term, but you should get your head checked out through a test/scan

I would go to the doctor
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Firstly, it sounds like you have chronic migraines.  For this I would see a neurologist who specializes in migraine  and get a electroencephalogram or EEG done to confirm it. They can put you on Topamax or another migraine medication like depakote that will prevent you from getting migraines. I would try Topamax (Topiramate is the generic name). It may also make you lose weight but they will probably give you amitriptyline as well which makes you gain weight and increases your appetite. I have been on this and it has helped a lot. I also get stomach pain and vomiting with my migraines so you may have a variant like I do. I don't know what part of California you live in but UCLA has some really good migriane specialists as does San Diego . But if you can't come down here look for one in your area it is worth it. As for the loose stool with coughing up blood that is a separate issue. I would see a Gastrointestinal doctor and get a colonoscopy and make sure you don't have any problems that way as well as in the lung. Bleeding or coughing up blood and in the stool can be a sign of cancer. It can also be a sign of TB. So you need to see a few doctors to get things taken care of for you and your kids. Don't wait get it done. Yes you could get anemic from the blood loss over time and that would make you fatigued due to the ireon loss. Weight loss is also a sign of cancer. I'm not saying you have it but rather for you to be on alert to get checked out. It could be a bleeding ulcer instead. There are other things that cause bleeding. You need to get into the doctor as soon as possible. Severe fatigue like this needs to be checked. Get into the doctor. Ibuprofen works on a migriane (temporarily) but if you have an ulcer it will make that worse. Take it will food. The pain with your touch could be fibromyalgia. Don't worry about that yet. There are drugs for that like Lyrica. But I wouldn't get on those until you find out what is going on. It may straighten itself out.
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please do let me know what they say and how you are doing.
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