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Symptoms worsen, docs dont rlly help. Whats wrong with me??

So quick background: im 18 F. Sex worker, meth/fet addict (only smoke) Usually homeless, and doctors dontt like or help me, judging my past/addiction smh.

I have: Anorexia, Iron Deficiency anemia, Hypoglycemia, mental illness Malnourishment, and recently diagnosed with Molluscum contagiosum, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and suspected PID and UTI

What i know family background wise is:  cysts, cancer, diabetes, endometriosis, etc runs on both sides. Autoimmune diseases, mental illness etc on my moms. Epilepsy, heart issues, etc on my dads.

Anyways, early july when diagnosed with stds, they gave me doxy 100 twice daily for a week. That failed.
Last Thu got the shot. Few symptoms sorta improved, others worsened. Plus the other unrelated ones i noticed around that month.

Symptoms std wise:
Discharge: a little lighter, still wayy more then usual. Varies from cloudy jelly like pale yellow/white with strong odor of either glue or rotting. (Tdy noticed the glue smell cleaar thru 3 layers)
  Intense itching/sometimes burning 24/7 around anus, inside vagina and everywhere down there.
  Soreness around opening, worse when discharge comes out. Feels like a papercut or burn id say?
  Molluscum spread to down there + whole body from shaving (before i knew)
  Abdominal pain: usually feels like popping around lower abdomen, followed by burning/cramping. Noticed im unusuallyy bloated.
Sometimes cloudy, usually burning, strong odor pee. Clear or dark yellow but i do hydrate.

And the random symptoms i noticed often this year:

-  Fingers, hands, arms, legs sometimes face will randomly turn red daily? Cant figure out why, been few weeks now.
-  Extremely dizzy, whenever i move feel like ill pass out. Body gets heavy and tingly, vision blackens, heart beats funny. Have passed out 2 times this month.
-.  Shortness of breath all the time. Worse when i move, and lay down. Like with the dizzyness it worsens when i reach/look up.
-severe neck/head pain. On n off lasts up to 1-2weeks. Starts at back of head with a zappy burning sensation. Spreads down neck. Quickly became a migraine i couldn't even lift my head. Since then its been a mild/moderate headache. Tylenol/advil has no effect.
-. Random tingles and weakness in arms/legs. Few times a day, my fingers, head or toes get pins and needles for a few minutes. Few times weekly, i noticed usually when waking but sometimes randomly my right side gets weaker then the other. Just hand arm and foot.
  - recently started seeing red/black giant floaty rings, past month+ got blurry double vision, usual black spots/lines. And vision goes from light to dark manyy times randomly.
   - random red circle rashes on fingers. Havent faded yet
- every small cut i get will become infected, or so seem. Itll heal fine for 1-2, until it turns green/yellow, thatll fall off, reform making wound bigger. Until it falls out and stops healing all together leaving an indent around the swelled part. Then week+ later heals, the whole part staying red like all my scars have become.
  - random dots on body like my moles but smaller/just noticing
  - swollen lymph nodes in: neck, groin, pit, back and collarbones 1.5+ weeks

Idk if theyre important, but they concern me. Any idea what it is? When i went to er around july 20, when it was badd. They did blood test and ultrasound only. Blood was fine and ultrasound was too. Left in more pain tho.

I just feel like ill never be healthy again, ot only worsens man i dont wanna go in again this soon unless i have an idea, so theyll actually look you know? Anyone have an idea? Anythings appreciated. my apologies on length btw.
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I looked at your thread in the STDs forum, and auntijessi there is the best person to keep helping you with your women's health/STD issues, so I won't address those as I am way less qualified.

Some of the symptoms you describe could be associated with meth/fentanyl use.  It isn't OK for doctors to judge you for addiction, but it is also true that the drug use should be considered as a possibility when trying to diagnose the cause of your symptoms.  Fentanyl, in particular, can cause oxygen deficiency in body tissues, which could be responsible for the delayed wound healing, and shortness of breath/dizziness.  Some of these issues could also be caused by your iron deficiency, hypoglycemia, and malnourishment.

The swollen lymph nodes you're experiencing are likely a result of the genital/urinary infections you're battling.

I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this at once.  I know it must be distressing, but I would not give up on finding the cause if I were you.  You have a right to decent healthcare and for healthcare professionals to work to find the cause of the issues.  Can you bring this up to your OB/GYN at your next appointment? Maybe that doctor could give you advice on how to proceed.  In any case, I would keep trying to find a doctor who will listen to your concerns.
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