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TMJ, wrist/hand pain & swelling, plantar fascitis, hip pain (prior injury)

Went to the doctor a few weeks back with a bad case of TMJ.  I think it was like overnight that it appeared.  They gave me a week of steroids for some reason, which really helped, but the pain came back as the medicine tapered off.

Sometime while that was happening I noticed that other various aches & pains seem to get better and worse at the same time as the jaw.  The big two being my wrist in the carpal area and my hip.  The hip was injured a year before and goes through random bouts of pain, so who knows if any of this is related.  Also plantar fascitis in my heel opposite the injured hip, but I've wondered if I walk a little different and am thereby putting pressure on it.

At any rate, back to the doctor this morning because over the course of the last week my wrist/hand has swelled up to the point it looks like staypuft marshmallow man and has limited movement.  At times the area is red and warm.  Lots of pain, mostly at night.  The swelling happened slowly and I don't remember any injury.  First there was a little painless lump, and now it's basically the whole back of the hand and painful.  I do type a lot for work.

Did some blood tests... Lyme, Rheumatoid arthritis, ANA, ESR, vitamin D deficiency all came back normal.  White blood cells and platelet count high.

They ordered a wrist xray but are basically at their wits end at my primary care facility.  We decided to stay off steroids but taking prescription NSAIDS to keep the wrist/jaw/hip pain manageable enough to get some sleep at night.  Pain worsens through the day and is worst around 3 AM.  Swelling and pain are best around 10AM.  Mid back gets really stiff and somewhat painful while sleeping as well.  Some days when the jaw flares I can feel a big goosegg there too, in front of my ear.

I think the next step is either an orthopod for the wrist, and dentist for the jaw.... or maybe a rheumatologist?  Would anyone guess these things might be related or just happenstance?

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