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Teenager, experiencing headaches, fainting spells and a lack of energy?

In September 2013 my mom took me to get blood tests done because she noticed I was lacking energy almost all the time. I'd sleep a lot and wasn't very active for a 15 year old girl. Everything came back fine; no low blood sugar, thyroid/kidney problems etc. A few weeks later I fainted suddenly in class. I was just standing there and started feeling hot, dizzy and lightheaded. I woke up on the floor. My hands were tingling and my ears were ringing. After that my mom picked me up early and just took me home to rest. Then, just last Monday, I almost passed out in class again. I was sitting at my desk listening to the teacher when the nausea and other symptoms hit again. Thankfully, I was in health class and my teacher (who used to be a nurse) knew exactly what to do when I raised my hand and told her.
My mom took me to the doctor again right after she picked me up from school. Blood tests were done and everything was normal, so my doctor recommended me to a neurologist. When I went to the neurologist a few days later he said I need to see a pediatric cardiologist (especially when my mom told him I had a heart murmur as an infant) and have a brain MRI done (with contrast).
I'm so worried and my mom is too. I get headaches probably every other day that can last for hours until I just take a nap or something. I'm still not energetic at all either. I eat healthy and haven't changed what I eat at all.
What could be wrong with me? Any comments/opinions are appreciated.
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Make sure they checked for anemia.  A tilt table test might be in order.  
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I used to lose energy and fain a lot as a teen and one day i just...outgrew it.

My son is now 13 and has had the same issues.  they sent him to all the same doctors that you are going to and no one is finding anything wrong with him.  The Neuro actually said that it is normal during puberty!
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Did the neurologist check you for seizures? They can do an electroencephalogram or EEG. This checks the electrical activity in the brain. You can have a particular type of seizure that makes you pass out. If you blood sugar is normal ( I would think hypoglycemia) and the brain scan comes back normal and the heart is normal then I would check that if the neurologist didn't do it. Also regarding the heart did they do the EKG, then there is a 24 hour monitor you can wear overnight to look for arrhythmias. I had one done and I found a benign arrhthymia. Then I also had a echocardiogram. This looks for structural problems with the heart. This would cover everything.  
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