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Terrfied foot pain

I am 24 years old and i am having beyond terrible pain in both of my feet that does not stop hurting, day and night.  i am a server, so i am on my feet constantly.  No matter if i have 2 days off or 3 days off my feet still hurt.  On the bottom of my left foot i have a little ball forming on the arch of my foot.  i have very high arches and i can now tell that the have been dropping.  ive went and got new shoes and "state of the art" arch supports $200. which they do not work.  im terrified that something is really wrong with them, because the pain i feel wont stop, while i drive, walking around the house, grocery shopping and even during sex.  I experinece throbbing, they lock up on me at different times, they swell, my veing shows a lot more now.   the pain is not only on my arches but on top of the feet as well.  sometimes the pain from my feet sends a shock thru my legs, where the sensation just hurts or makes me stop dead in my tracks. i dont have insurance right now and i dont trust "those" other people.  i know i need to go to the doctor but i just cant afford it.  Can anyone give me advice??
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I am sorry to hear of your footpain which sounds pretty intense.

From what I understand if you have a high arch then your arch supports should be providing more cushion. Are your arch supports very rigid or are they a bit more on the cushioned side? I read that you got new shoes as well. What kind were they? Generally, for your foot type you might need a shoe that has less EVA material at the midsole, athletic only. The EVA is the support in the shoe. Seeing a foot doctor is one of your best options but educate yourself on the impact that the arch support and shoe's have on your feet. And since it sounds like your arches are dropping then its important that you are in the right combination of shoe + orthotic. There are some podiatrists that work or refer their patients to specific shoe stores. It isn't full proof but does have advantages over just going to a shoe store to buy shoes from anywhere. Physical therapy might be a good idea too.

I'm not saying that any of this will change your condition but for now its something you can look into until you can get to a doctor. By the way what were you diagnosed with to get the orthotics?

Oh, and if you are walking around barefoot at home - I'd suggest getting something to cushion/support your feet.

All the best
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Sounds like you have plantar's fascitis (sp?). The tendon's in the bottom of your feet get inflammed and hurt like HELL! You need to see a doc for this cause sometimes it's an indication of a developing rheumatoid condition. I have psoriatic arthritis and it's very common for us to get it. It's associted with other condition too. Sometimes it can happen just from being on your feet all day. Until you can see a doc, try taking and aleve everyday, you may even need two. One in the am, and one in the pm. Do this for two weeks and see if you get some relief. If not, you need stronger meds. You should also stay off your feet. The cost of not working for a week would be cheaper than the costs associated with long term feet problems.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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