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The shakes/nervousness

I took a bus trip to AL three weeks ago(total roundtrip time 48 hrs.) and ever since coming home, I have had what I describe as the shakes on the inside as if I drank too much coffee. It seems worse when I am sleeping. It was getting better, but two days ago, I become very light headed and felt as if I were going to pass out and started sweating. The shakes have now returned.

My mother and brother are diabetic, but I just had a yearly exam and my bloodwork did not detect any diabetes.

I am a bit worried since it's lasted so long.

If there is any information you could share, it would be appreciated.

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You are describing how I feel when my blood sugar skyrockets or crashes (I have Type II diabetes).  My lab results look okay on the A1C and I am on a good carb-controlled diet but the flucutation on my blood glucose levels can be crazy.  The other day I had nothing but grapes and cheese for dinner and my glucose was 186 (apparently I had way too many grapes).  

It may not hurt to invest in a home glucose monitor and check your levels when you wake up, before eating, and after meals.  Check it for about a week and keep a log.  If your sugar drops below about 65-70 or goes above about 160 regularly, schedule and appointment with your doctor for a glucose tolerance test.

take care.
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Have you been tested to see if you had Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)?
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