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There's something seriously wrong with me

I don't know how to explain it but I'm going to try.. Overall, I just have this very 'off' feeling all the time lately. Deep down in a numb but scared emotional way.

What's starting to scare me is yesterday I was sitting at my computer, as usual, and all the sudden my vision slowly starts turning, the sound around me goes really low and I feel a lot of pressure in my head and I'm sure I was about to pass out. Since then, I've noticed I just feel dizzy. I've been drinking plenty of water. If I close my eyes, I start to feel worse/more dizzy/nauseous.

For the past week or so, my legs have felt very wobbly or weak. It seems to start up at the top of my thighs. Kind of like when you have really bad menstrual cramps and the pain or discomfort radiates to your thighs.

I keep getting these random sharp pains under my right rib cage, and around to my right backside. sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

I just went to an instacare for some abdominal pain. The doctor told me I had IBS so I've been taking stool softeners for that since I was apparently backed up as much as can be.

My head just feels so heavy and I've been so tired lately. I've been taking multiple naps a day. I can't even function and mood swings like crazy. I'm not a happy person right now..

It's been on and off but I've been having pain where my ovaries are. (This seems to happen often and I assume it's because endometriosis runs in my family and that I could maybe get cysts) Especially when I sneeze, etc. My breasts have also been really sore and kind of ..full feeling? More than usual? I have really small boobs so I don't know how to describe much of a difference, they just feel heavier than usual. I don't think I'm pregnant. And this isn't pms or ovulation since I've had these specific problems for a constant amount of time. Maybe three weeks for the sore breasts.

Does any of this fit together? I just don't know.
I'm 23 and female. I do have my gall bladder, appendix, and all that stuff still.
I've also gained a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. I figured (at first) it's because I recently moved in with my grandparents and I was eating more but recently I haven't had much of an appetite and my weight is still rising. I came here and was at 104 - 107 (I'm typically a small person) and then I just jumped to 126 (and I've never weighed this much besides pregnancy) I am now 128.6 pounds today.. and I've just eaten a couple of small meals each day for the past couple of days. I don't understand.
I have had sex in the past couple of months but there are very slim chances that I am pregnant.

I don't know if it makes a difference but I also have scoliosis
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A feeling of impending doom could be a symptom of a blood clot or depression. You should see your general practitioner for a work up.
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Is it possible you could be pregnant?
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