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Throat lump-no reflux/anxiety

Ive had this problem for over 1 month now... It all started when I went out to a party with some friends. I drank too much at the party, and hadn't eaten much of anything all day and ended up getting very sick. I wound up spending probably an hour and a half throwing up in the toilet. I remember retching so hard while vomiting that I thought "I bet I'm going to burst a blood vessel in my eye" from straining so hard. The vomiting eventually turned to dry heaves, and the retching was truely very forceful. I have never thrown up so 'hard' before in my life..

After the bout with the vomiting I went to bed and woke up the next day with the muscles in my ribs sore from heaving. Then the following day (24 hours post vomiting) I had this sensation of a lump in my throat. There is no physical lump that can be palpated, but it feels as if something is stuck there. Its incredibly uncomfortable, but I've noticed that it fluctuates in severity of discomfort (although it hasn't gone away completely at any time). Also, when its at its worst I feel the 'lump' in my throat, and also a feeling as though the muscles in my throat are very tight. Its really remarkably similar to feeling emotionally choked up-- This generally occurs later on in the day with me, and there is absolutely no emotional tie to the feeling.

So my question: is it possible to somehow 'strain' the muscles of the esophagus while vomiting? And if so, what are the manifestations, and when can I expect relief?

I've been seeing an ENT, and we started with Nexium to alleviate any heartburn I may be having.It didn't really do much, so we did an esophogram. The esophogram ruled out reflux and ruled out hiatel hernia. Next up is a CT of the neck to rule out any mass. The esophogram revealed "an asymmetrical effacement of the left vallecula and puriform sinus of uncertain significance. A mass cannot be ruled out."
Further details: I am able to eat fine for the most part, although sometimes I feel like I need to swallow twice. Eating seems to relieve symptoms, but I think that may be because the feeling of having something in your throat while swallowing is natural. I have noticed alcohol consumption, even in very small amounts exacerbates the problem, as does using my voice in extreme ways (ie: shouting, high pitch, etc.)

Many thanks,
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I've also been diagnosed with hiatus hernia (sliding 2cm).
In my case appeared with pregnancy as well.. i,ve been vomiting for months! the worst is that it ended up with a miscarriage...
anyway, the first case ... all the synthoms are consistent with the hiatus hernia and acid reflux, I also suffer extrasystols (cardiac arithmia, premature ventricular contractions to be exact) as consequenses, otherwise i almost have no other synthoms.
In case of clamps.. she clearly hadn't treated her hiatus hernia for years... it doesn't go away on its own, in fact it doesn't go away at all!!

You need to take medicines like panthoprazole or omeprazole which blocks the acids productions. Also need to change your diet: no acidic foods (orange juice and tomatoes products), NO FATS, NO CHOCOLATE, NO COFFEE, NO ALCOHOL.. basically YES to anything that is light, not acidic and EASY TO DIGEST!  Small frequent meals and sleep with your torso lifted.
My diet is basically rice and vegetables.. sometimes, really occasionally, i indulge in ice cream...

In any case this is a LIFE CHANGE.. you have to keep going for months! The improvement is REALLY SLOW!

On the good side.. you'll become slimmer and enjoy the mirror!! Fit in clothes that you used 10 years ago and the whole body wil be grateful!!

good luck!!
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I`m a bag of nerves at the moment and I`m about cracking up.I`m 41 and have had heartburn hell for the past 23 years.I`ve learnt to cope with it but alas stress...the odd ropey meal and went to spain and eating my steaks rare made me curl into the fetal position and cry like a baby the next day.
I`ve just been told I have a kidney stone in my left side...ultrasound showed multiple gallstones.
The reason I`m posting to anyone who can PLEASE help decipher medical jargon for me,I`d be so grateful?
I had an upper endoscopy procedure other week (without anaesthetic or sedation...hardcore eh?) but seriously,I had a diagnosis report given to me straight away and a biopsy taken from somewhere down there ....not sure as they shunted me out the door with a "will need to come back in 5 weeks" before they closed the suite!
I started to get heartburn when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter when I was 18 and the doctor said it will disappear once I`ve had the baby....I`m still waiting after 22 odd years!

Anyway...this is the results of my report....

Reflux Oesophagitis,grade 2

Barrett`s Epithelium

Haitus Hernia

(oesophagus : moderate reflux oesophagitis (grade 2 erosions involving 10% of the distal oesophageal mucosa) was present.A mildly inflamed tongue of Barrett`s mucosa <1cm in length was also noted.The apparent mucosal junction was at 41cm.There was also a small (5cm) sliding Hiatus Hernia apparent.
. The biopsy procedures said "Vial I from Barrett`s oesophagus x 1" and "biopsy for H.pylori (urease test)

I`m not much of a drinker at all (occasionally special occasions) but have been a long term smoker (probably way too late but have recently  cut down to eventually quitting stage)
I`m a single Mum with kids that rely on me but when I research what I can about the results (since national health here  shove cameras down throat and out the door without what next or diagnosis results) It`s so hard not to think the worse as all I see is the big "C" word and wont have my biopsy results until begining next month.If it IS something bad I`d rather be prepared now.....if that makes sense?Can`t be any worse than my imagination!

So if ANYONE could let me know what ANY of this means.....would appreciate it (and stop me waffling on with my overactive imagination and yet another insomnia sessions of a 24hour caffeine web crawl)

Thanks people for bearing with me

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Hi Ryan, how old would you happen to be?  Do you have a history of Alcohol use?  This web site could be useful to you if so.  I don't know much about the digestive tract, but I know my grandfather had a long bout of esophageal cancer due to drinking.  Stop now before it's too late.

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