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I have had a feeling in my tracheae that there is something stuck there. It started in the end of June. It would make it feel like I was choking or about to choke and it would progress throughout the day. After three weeks I went to my doctor. He thought it was a nasal infection and was creating a drainage problem. So he gave me some Flonase and said come back in two weeks if it doesn't go away. So two weeks go bye and it didn't change a thing. I went to the doctor again and he took an x-ray and he gave me antibiotics. The x-ray showed nothing. Finally the antibodies slowly made the feeling go away. But the last three days I was on the medication (mid-August) the feeling came back but not as strong. Ever since then the feeling has still been in my throat but not as bad as it was. Here and there it won't let me sleep because I feel like I will choke but other wise it just sort of sits there and does nothing.
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HI..I had a problem much like you descibe. It started with a feeling like something was in my throat. Like a hair and I tried and tried to get at it`. I ate crackers bread ...you name it . It never wnt away. I went to the doc and they couldnt Help. Went to dentist to see if there was something wrapped around my back tooth ..nOTHING.. chocking and coughing ..it drove me insane. I continued like that for a long time. It ended up being Graves disease and I had several nodules on my thyroid gland. The nodules sat on a nerve that created the feeling of something on my interior throat. It was from the goiters. I had thyroid treatment and its gone.
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I can think of 2 things that can cause this feeling and I have had both of them. Thyroid disease, which can cause inflammation in the throat, and also having a vertabrae out of place in your neck, like at about C5. You might consider going to the chiropractor, and/or laying down with a small towel roll behind your neck, creating an better arch in your neck. (lay on your back). Sometimes I feel like I have lump in my throat that I should swallow. Hope this goes away for you.
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could be that as we get older those positions of parts in our throats change so dont worry too much mine feels a little like that too now but also could benifit from more iodine in your diet no doctor needed u can purchase 50 mg iodide pills online i did and im feeling like things are little by little repossitioning themselves more comfortabley because the iodine supports sooo many functions of the body and the belief that we all once came from the sea kelp is also a good source of this nutrient
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