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Tingling all over

I need some help...I need to know what to do next because my doctors are clueless. Months ago I started noticing that behind my right shoulder blade would go numb. It would come and go, it wasn't painful so I ignored it. Then a few weeks ago, I started feeling very fatigued. One day I got out of bed and the three middle toes on both feet were completely numb, stepping down on them was like stepping down on icy needles. Ever since that day, I wake up with the same sensation and my feet tingle all day long, sometimes it is a light tingle, sometimes it is like fire ants. Since then, my hands have started tingling and my hands and arms fall asleep at night. The bilateral tingling is 24/7.  I have experienced an odd sensation like icy-hot across my biceps and chest, then a few days later, it moved to my lower lip, tongue, right cheek, back of my head, down my shoulder and a little down my right side of my back. It has faded a little but my bikini area went numb for a few days, and my lower lip is still numb. I've been having stiffness in my back, not pain but achy, but it makes it a lot harder to walk around and chase my young kids. My hip joints and knuckles are sore. My arms and shoulders are weak and achy and I get muscle spasms mostly in my calves. Random pin prick feelings on my forearms...and the most recent, I feel like I have bugs crawling down my neck and spine, stops around my bra strap area. The first night I was going crazy trying to find the critter that was crawling on me, but when it happened the next day too, I realized it wasn't just something in my shirt. I have been feeling very forgetful, lightheaded and have a hard time concentrating. I have had a mild headache since this all started. My vision has been okay, a few episodes of blurry and shaky vision but otherwise no issues. My hearing is okay, just random ringing that goes away in 20 seconds. No colds or issues, just a case of laryngitis with no other symptoms. My voice is always hoarse, but I think that is because of my thyroid. I have a clean EKG, EMG, and brain and cervical MRI. I have had a lyme test, I am not diabetic, and I have been tested for B12 and my thyroid levels are good. I have had a complete CBC and everything is normal. My neurologist says nothing I am saying fits anything specific and is sending me to a sub-specialist, but that is a month away and I have another appointment with my PCP and I am wondering if I should ask her for any specific tests, because last time I met with her, she said, "Don't worry, it is just a virus." That was 6 weeks ago and it is not getting better. I do have hypothyroidism but the levels are perfect, and I do have EoE, which I control with flovent and omeprazole. I don't take any other Rx meds, but since this has started, I have been taking vitamin D, B complex and iron. I have no idea what to do and everyone thinks I am crazy. I only go to the doctor every year for a physical. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs. I don't take more medication than necessary, and I am not a hypochondriac. Please give me some suggestions. I just want to feel better.
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Go to the hospital and see a specialist as it sounds like a big problem only hospital can diagnose
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Did you have a western blot test or Lyme or just the Lyme antibody?  There are other tick-borne illnesses that can effect you like Lyme disease - but your Lyme antibody would be negative.  

Have you seen a rheumatologist?  It might be something to think about.  The thing that made me think Lyme was the tingling sensations that were random.  My first husband has third stage lyme and my current husband and I both caught it last summer.  My symptoms were severe tingling in both of my knees.  It felt like something was crawling inside my knees and I would get a shivering sensation in my knees - something I never felt before.  Both husbands (I know sounds funny) had the typical bullseye rash.  I never had a rash, nor did I ever see a tick on me.  My lyme antibody test was negative, but my western blot was positive, I was reactive in five of the ten tests that it runs.  
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It sounds like it might be Multiple Schlerosis to me,  which is hard to diagnose at first.   If I were you I'd seek an MS specialist and schedule an appointment.  

They are often considered hypochondriacs before diagnosis,  because their symptoms are so varied and mysterious.

Best wishes.  There is a lot of advancement recently and there are many choices of medications to make it easier.
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This sounds very frustrating. There have been several times over the years when I wished that "Dr. House" was a REAL physician, not a fictional master diagnostician,

You mentioned your thyroid...what is your thyroid issue?

I don't doubt your dr...just wondering if you read the MRI report yourself?

I wish you well...
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