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Tingling runiing up and down my left arm


I have tingling running up and down my left arm regardless of itis bent or straight. Sometime this results in numbness in my fingertips. It does come and go, should I be worried?
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A rule of thumb for tingling in the hands is that if the tingling is in the little, ring, or middle finger, then the problem relates to the neck.  You can get some xrays of the neck to see if you have problems, if none are found, see a chiropractor for an adjustment.  If the tingling is in the thumb and first finger, the problem is in the elbow.  If the entire, but single hand is tingling, have a nerve conduction study done to see if a nerve may be pinched,inflammed, or carpal tunnel may be present.  If both hands tingle, then have the Thyroid checked, including an ultrasound, for function and cysts. If your primary care physician isn't sure what is the problem, have them refer you to an orthopedist (preferable one who specializes in hands) for diagnoses and treatment.  Good luck.
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Wearing wrist braces at night can help with Carpal tunnel syndrome - no harm in trying them.  You may also wish to slope your bed a little with bricks under the legs at the head of the bed.  I say this because my fingers (and hands and sometimes arms) tingle when they are above the level of my heart when sleeping. I actuall tie them down now. See my post and the doctor's answer under PAD - peripheral arterial disease.
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How are you?
Tingling numbness can be due to nerve compression, it can occur at the level of the neck, elbow or wrist.
Entrapment of median nerve at the level of wrist joint can result in carpal tunnel syndrome which can cause tingling numbness in the hands, fingers and arm.
Other causes that should be excluded are diabetes and B12 deficiency.
Please consult your family doctor about it. Meanwhile take a B12 supplements and see if it helps.

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