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Tingly sensations to urinate

For the past couple of months, on and off...I have experienced an uncomfortable tingly sensation to urinate. But yet, its still there after I releve myself. It happens more during the evening and will wake me from a dead sleep. If I try to lay back down it makes it worse. I noticed my sides would hurt as well. If I stayed sitting up I could bare with it until it finally goes away after a couple hours. Another way to describe the tingle is like the feeling you get when a guy touches you in the same spot for too long and makes you want to push his hand away. I've read other forums with girls and a few guys going though the same thing..but not finding any answers. I read from a lot of girls that sex or masturbating would help stop the uncomfortable tingle..so I tried it and it worked...my husband doesn't mind helping with my problem...but last time it made me bleed bright red blood...scary cuz it didn't look like period blood so to speak...I didn't feel any pain and the tingle stayed gone even longer. Now its back and seems worse. Him afraid to have sex again...I have been in and out of doctor visits. Blood test on kidney, thyroid and diabetes all came back normal...stool came back normal...my urine showed negative once, bladder infection once...they sent it off for more testing and came back negative. I have had kidney infections in the past..I recently had an upper and lower ultrasound done and everything looks good. But my body is telling me something is wrong. What could this be? I'm very uncomfortable with this tingly sensation and I feel like its the beginning of a new problem that nobody has figured out the main cause. I'm getting charged hundreds and thousands of dollars to go to all these doctor appointments, and I'm getting no answers. The doctors in my area seem to be in it for the money, and not for the patients. It makes it very hard for me to go back to another doctor when they ask for so much money just for the visit...with little hope for an answer. So I've come to this forum for feedback and hope someone will know and help..so I can go back on all the forums I've read to help everyone else. This tingle must come to an end.
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I bacterial problems have been ruled out, it may be a fungal problem.

As a home remedy apply natural set live yogurt (Greek yogurt) to the clean area.  It will help to cool it down and ease any skin inflammation.

You can buy over the counter anti-fungal creams for the genitals and also a one dose oral capsule called Fluconazale.

Don't wash with soaps and shower gels.  Use a mild non perfumed soap or baby wash.  Use a non-biological washing detergent and a gentle softener.  Wear cotton underwear and no tights or tight trousers.

When you bled that time it would have been a bladder infection called Cystitis.  Make sure that you drink plenty of water to help flush the bugs out.  Always wipe from front to back and wash your hands after using the bathroom.  Make sure your husband has clean hands when he touches you.

Best wishes.
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     Is it possible that you passed a kidney stone?  You said that your sides hurt.  And because there was blood, it could be that the stone scraped the  urethra as it passed out of your body and caused some bleeding.  It would not show up as a bladder or kidney infection.  Your doctor can give you a net to pee into to see if you can catch some more stones.
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I have had a kidney stone and passed sandy deposits, but I must say that it didn't give any sensation of tingling when passing urine.

Passing a stone is very excruciatingly painful.  Passing sediment gives no symptoms.  

Painful sides can be kidney pain, but a urine sample would detect an infection.  Painful sides may also be from muscular problems.

You can urinate into a clean glass jar and look at your urine.  A cloudy urine can indicate that there is an infection.  A dark coloured urine can be from blood in the urine or that you are dehydrated.  If there are kidney stone problems which can sometimes pass as fine grains of sand, you will see a deposit from at the bottom.

In any event you need to drink plenty of water, 2-3 litres per day is usually recommended.  Very fine stones (grains of sand) are usually not picked up on ultrasound and xrays.  Some people say to drink water with lemon juice to help dissolve any stones (depending on which stone it is as there are 4 main different types of kidney stone).

Best wishes.
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