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Tiny, clear blisters in roof of mouth?

****, I'm sick of things like this cropping up.
I looked into my mouth for other reasons (will post below, why)and in the roof of my mouth (soft pallet), saw very tiny, round, clear blister (like). I can take my finger and *easily* brush them off. I'm left with a clear, very sticky substance on my finger.

These were not there yesterday.
Why I looked into my mouth (C&P from respiratory forum):

34 year old woman, tonsils recently tooken out. Radiologist called hypertrophied adenoids, ENT upon tonsil removal said he didn't see it.

Recently, I developed a cranking headache (back of head and sinus like headache)and a neck ache. In looking up behind my Uvula (with a mirror), I see what I am sure are the adenoids (dead center up and behind Uvula) and what I see is white drainage, appearing to clog up the opening like structure of the adenoids and a few white tiny white patches clung onto the "wall" right next to it.

Is this simply the nature of adenoids, containing this discharge?

I do have post nasal drip and LPR.

As an addition: no temperature and about 3 weeks ago, WBC was within normal range .
Prior to that, I had oral thrush with raised WBC, hence the repeat WBC after treatment.

Thank you for your time.

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While I am on the subject, might as well mention the changes that have occurred in my mouth this past year.

I have a cobblestone throat and currently appearing red. I do take Prilosec for LPR (reflux) but this hasn't reduced the redness. Months ago, I developed a tiny, rubbery bump on the inside, front, lower gums. Dentist wasn't worried.
Twice, I've had mouth irritation: upper gums, behind front teeth. That took about 2 months to fade. Recently, I was eating a corndog with mustard, and it stripped the first layer of skin off from the lower gums, behind front teeth.
I also have a few sensitive teeth: 2 by my k-9s, and a lower molar on each side. I will be going to the dentist for these.
I have developed post nasal drip and each morning, am forcing out a "gluey" orangish phlegm from my sinuses. I also am dredging up brown flecked phlegm from my lungs. In typing in search, "brown flecks"-you'll see my post in respiratory forum.

This year, I have had tonsillitis, tonsils removed. They were 4+
Having said that, they've always been on the large side.
I have had 2 bouts of oral thrush, due to antibiotics. Oddly, this never happened before whilst taking antibiotics. My system just doesn't seem to be coping well on it's own or with medication.

I've never been plagued by so many things happening in a short period of time.

I've taken my BP. Diastolic averaging in the 70s, followed by 60s (night) and sometimes in the 80s. My pulse ranges 75-125.
Temperature, average 97, sometimes dipping down to 96 and occasionally jumps to 99.1
Prior to tonsils taken out, average temp was 98. Average BP (diastolic) 80's and sometimes 90s. Heart rate: gone unchanged.

My neck, frequently feels full. Especially when trying to touch my chin to chest. I did lose weight over the tonsils and am wondering if it just feels strange on account of that. I have had TSH tests run but they are normal: 1.54, 1.19 and 2.1

So, these are part of what I have been experiencing this past year.
I'll have to write up another, sometime later and hopefully give a broader picture and see if anyone has any clue.

Frustrated in remote Alaska,
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I remembered that I had drank fresh squezzed lemon juice just prior.
Today, I did the same and looked into my mouth and low-and-behold... same thing: blistery looking things on soft pallet and a small glob of clear, sticky substance on tongue.

Just plain weird, never experienced before.
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Just in case anyone else experiences this. I spoke with a dentist who informed me that this is quite normal.
That there are numerous, secreting salivary glands in the palette that protect from injury and lubricate the mouth.

Phew. ;-D
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I have the exact same thing!  It seems like I cant eat anything anymore without little sticky filled blisters on my soft palette.  They dont hurt, and they arent itchy, but they do make me gag a little.  And they started right after I got my tonsils out!  If this is "NORMAL" then normal *****. what will make them clear up faster?
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the upper roof in mouth was itchying. It has been last for a long time. I wonder how to get rid of it or get better from it. Things have been all up to my body, allergy, etc. Am I lack of anything that I should take?
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My Dentist and doctor had both told me to take an antihistamine medication (Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec, etc) when anticipating contact with foods that cause itchy bumps.  I get the same thing.  It's called OAS - Oral Allergy Syndrome.  I just ate some fruit, and its starting to flair up now, actually.
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A related discussion, blister on the roof of the mouth was started.
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