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Tongue coating

So back in September i had an Hiv scare.  Receptive Oral sex (i know its no risk)   anyways about a month later i got a white tongue and lump in throat feeling.   Tongue is still the same 5 months later.  Ive had 2 4th gen HIV tests (10 weeks, 6 months)  all negative.  I have a pic on my profile of my tongue.  I know many people have had this same issue, and no explanation.  Any and all help is appreciated.
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Candida, which is a yeast build up... look into it and try altering your diet. You may want to change your diet and see if it is caused by a certain food. Also... it could mean you have tonsil stones. Sometimes when you have tonsil stones you may have a tongue coating from the bacteria.
Hmm.. i do not have tonsils.    Ive asked a dentist online before, and they said its not thrush.  Its only on the top of my tongue.   I did take three or four different types of antibiotics a week before i noticed it.
If you think it is connected to the antibiotics... antibiotics completely destroy your stomachs microbiota and can through your bacteria off balance. If so, you may want to start taking a probiotic.
I read your stuff, you don't have HIV... you most likely don't have a disease and you may be making your self sick. I can almost guarantee you the reason you are feeling this way is because of your "mistake".... all of your symptoms are due to stress and anxiety. I know you probably want to keep searching for other mysterious illnesses but anyone who made a mistake like that and someone who has a tendency to have anxiety would be under extreme physical and mental stress. It won't go away until you own up. Talk to your therapist, I hope it works out.
Thank You!!  I never though Anxiety and stress would hit me this hard.  
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