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Total CBC blood test

I am just wondering why I would have to wait for test results from total CBC done on 11/11/10. The doc is out of office THIS week, but staff has info on computer, and refuses to give results to me stating "doc hasn't had a chance to read report yet."  Strange since I had cholesterol blood work today, and they have already called me to tell me that my 3 month recheck is worse than last time without the doc even reading this report.  Does anybody know what the TOTAL CBC blood test even looks for, or what "diseases" if any would show up on it that would be so bad that the staff couldn't tell me results?  I'm sure if it was okay/normal, they would have just said, "everything was normal" and wouldn't need to wait for doc to read it? Or was that just an excuse?  Help!
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i don't think a CBC really tells them all that much..it can possibly tell them if there's infection present in the body or if you're anemic. It's a pretty standard blood test. No matter what i go to the dr. for she usually sends me for a cbc.  I wouldn't worry about it too much. I don't think it can diagnose anything life shattering.  They might be just being difficult...that happens alot in drs offices...i know here they usually won't give out any info over the phone...they'll just tell you if the dr. needs to see you or not based on the findings.
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A complete blood count gives information of total WBC, RBC, platelet, and is generally helpful in diagnosing anemia as it gives various parameters for that and infection, low platelet count as in bleeding cases and cancers like leukemia can be suspected. Some labs do not give reports on phone and others may do so. Also if some values are out of range, then some labs are prefer not to divulge the information unless a doctor has taken a look. If CBC and cholesterol are done in the same lab, then there may be administrative or other reasons for not divulging the information. Hope this helps. Take care!

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Don't worry too much.  Sometimes doctors want to sign off on test results before the results are released.  I know it seems like the staff is just giving you the round around, but trust me, they have to answer to that doctor.  Just be patient.  Easy to say, hard to do.  I am a nurse and I am the worst "waiter" ever!
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