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Treatment random pain odd sensations all over / throughout the body (fibromyalgia)

I've been suffering from random pain AKA fibromyalgia since 2012 and after few years of research and dozens of tests & visits to doctors in 3 different countries  I found the treatment that worked in my case and in several other cases. I now want to share my findings with you.

What/Symptoms: chronic random pain and odd sensations all over or throughout the body AKA fibromyalgia
More about these symptoms you may read in a previous post

Possible Causes and diagnostics:  stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, phycological trauma

Rationale: after years of research I concluded that the causes described earlier may trigger two main types of conditions: depression OR chronic random pain. Those that are good at controlling their reactions and emotions don’t develop depression BUT they develop chronic pain or weird sensations throughout the body

Pills/medicines: Seroquel (to improve sleep and treat anxiety) , Lamictal (to avoid abnormal the electrical discharges within the brain)
Alternative therapies: (must be combined with the medicines):
Acupuncture (to improve blood circulation and rebalance the energy),
Osteopath (to unlock blood circulation especially at the abdomen and spine levels)
Anger Management (breath exercises as in yoga just google them, sport like boxing)
Neuronal programming.  put positive messages on posits at home or at work; put pictures that remind you of good moments on your desktop, tell yourself every morning positive messages like “I’ll be well or “I will get cured”(repeat it at least 50 times). It may sound wired but these techniques reprogram your brain and reset your mindset. Is key to reinforce yourself mentally and be optimistic and positive about the future.

Note1: a very efficient way of releasing the anger and pressure is to go to an isolated place and scream out loud (you may do that even in the car)

Note2: before you try this treatment you must see your doctor and rule out other possible diseases.

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I'm glad you found a treatment that works for you, assuming you have.  But I'd be much more reticent than you have been to recommend specific medications to others.  While seroquel is very sedating, that's an unwanted side effect that the company used to turn lemons into lemonade by illegally marketing this drug like crazy for sleep.  They've paid their fines and settled the lawsuits so that part has passed, but this drug has profound effects on the functioning of brain neurotransmitters and so using it for sleep can be a really really bad idea.  Ideally, sleep problems should be solved by fixing the sleep problem, not medicating it for long periods of time because that can cause a chronic problem called rebound insomnia.  Now, this isn't to say this med isn't just the ticket for some people.  Just to say I wouldn't be recommending it to everyone with a particular problem, especially one with enough problems and difficulties correctly diagnosing such as fibromyalgia.  People with this diagnosis often don't have it, it's unknown what causes it or if it's a disease or a collection of symptoms, and so they are often led down a dangerous path by doctors that often leaves them stuck on meds that don't treat the problem and are very hard to stop taking, such as pain killers and drugs like seroquel.  The same goes for Lamictal, which doesn't in fact help one avoid abnormal electrical discharges in the brain.  Nobody actually knows what a normal neurotransmitter system looks like, let alone an abnormal one.  Drugs play around with neurotransmitters not because anyone has figured out which ones cause which problems but because they seem to help with the symptoms of mental disorders.  There are side effects and problems stopping them.  They profoundly affect the brain and the longer one uses them the more profound those effects are.  So again, this might indeed be just the ticket for you, but unlike the other things you mentioned which are pretty general to every0ne, medication isn't.  But I'm really glad you found relief.  Peace.
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Thx for your comment! I wanted to keep the story short but I'm glad you raised  some good questions. I see two doctors here in Geneva Switzerland a psychiatrist specialized in pharmacology and a Chinese doctor the chief of acupuncturists association is Switzerland  and this treatment has been tested on several persons already.  
Second, I don't prescribe the doctors prescribes. I just share experiences here.
Seroquel at low doses 25/50/100 mg is quite safe. Lamictal is prescribed off label and does exactly what I said and that how it helps the patients suffering of epilepsy. Please read more (try this one https://www.drugs.com/tips/lamictal-patient-tips).  Same as seroquel at low dozes 200/400 mg is super safe. These two are supported much much better than antidepressants. It took me 3 years of research and saw, not kidding, more than 50 doctors to get where I am now.
This doesn't meant that the FIRST step shouldn't be to rule out everything else. You don't ask directly for this treatment lol :).
Agree with you that humanity has a very poor understanding of the brain and how it works. We are in stoneage from this point of view. For instance even fibromyalgia is a very vague thing. The doctors couldn't find a name I think for bunch of people without a diagonstic so they invented this term..

To conclude based on my doctors' opinion this combination of  various treatments & therapies should help a significant amount of people and hence i shared it. Good luck to you!
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