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Troat, lower back, and kidney pain.

I have had a very very swollen throat for a while now. With an addition of headaches, lower back pain, and kidney pressure. I can barley eat because my throat hurts so much. My headaches come and go. My lower back hurts every time I walk or move. And my kidneys hurt when I relive myself. Plaese give me some info on what I might have or some tips for me.
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Not sure what the relationship would be.  However, I am just a retired OB nurse, so I couldn't offer much help anyway!!  I would definitely check with my PCP.  Kidney symptoms should never be ignored.  Hope you feel better soon.
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you need to see your doctor. i think you might have tonsillitis or glandual fever . you could also have a kidney infection. for your pain i suggest you clean and tidy your house (get people to help you), do odd jobs around the house like washing. then you wont feel stressed out or worried about what you have to do. take a warm relaxing bath with bath salts and bubbles and listen to some calm relaxing quiet music while in the bath. then put on your bedroom windowsill or bedside table a bowl with some scented oils and lavender or rose into it. open your bedroom window a little bit so you dont feel too hot and then make your bedroom as dark as you can, get into bed then take some paracetomol and codine(in one tablet) and go to sleep. i hope you feel better soon. please write back and tell me if i helped at all and if you are ok.  
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Since you have swollen throat, pressure in kidney areas while urinating, and low back ache, the first thing to be rule out is streptococcal infection. These bacteria can affect both throat and kidney at the same time (though usually kidney is affected 1-2 weeks later) and if left untreated can be dangerous. Please consult a doctor immediately. You need a throat swab and urine examination and maybe culture of the urine to start with. Take care!
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