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Tumbling accident

I'm a all-star cheerleader
and recently i have been doing a lot
of tumbling and i came down one day
from doing back handsprings and my knee
kinda felt like it had a pop
and now when i walk it feels like something
is snagging or stuck on the inside and im constantly
having to open and close my leg to have it move
or feel like its popping
somebody told me it could be mechanical knee
or something torn ?
Any help or what is that?
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This site describes knee problems pretty well.  Yours does sound like a torn ACL maybe.  
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You need to see a physician. You need an MRI and a specialist to look at the knee.

The problem may be minor or major. We don't know from an internet post.

If you were involved in a school sponsored activity the school foots the medical bill, and the cost of surgery, if required. Don't pass go. Don't collect two hundred dollars. It is mandatory that you see a physician. Your mom should contact the school and insure the problem has been properly documented, and write a letter to the legal off of the school district and the principal.
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I don't cheer for my school
i cheer with a team at a gym
in my neighborhood
i told her about it and she said because
it's not swollen or anything i don't need to
see a doctor .
But it hurts really bad.
Today is just locked up a lot.
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Pain stiffness and popping sound in the joints can be due to overuse of joint. Another reason is rheumatoid arthritis but this has been ruled out in your case. Tendonitis or bursitis of the joint too produces similar symptoms. In the knee joint an injury to menisci can be the culprit. It can also be a muscle injury locking the knee. Generally conservative treatment should help. Anti-inflammatory drugs, alternate hot and cold fomentation should help. Maybe you should get a MRI of the knee joint. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!
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