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Two month long period, should I be worried?

About two months ago I started my period and to this day it has not stopped.  This has never happened before in my life with duration, severity, or pain and I'm started to worry something is wrong.  Before this last year I was on hormonal birth control for roughly 7 years to treat a hormone imbalance that resulted in irregular periods but was forced to go off of the meds when I discovered I was in a high risk category for stroke.  For birth control I switched to the paraguard IUD and had no problems for around six months, then this period started.  At first this was about the same as what I went through in high school, but after 3 weeks of it not stopping I went to the doc and she checked the IUD to make sure everything was fine.  I was told that if I had irregular periods before birth control I would have them again after stopping and I accepted that.  However, it's over a month after that appointment and the period became extremely heavy.  I became desperate and started to use the leftover birth control I had from my prescription to try and get it under control but it had no effect. Starting about a week ago I've started getting moments of sharp pain, the pain isn't a normal cramp, but it feels closer to the pain I experienced when the IUD was inserted.  I've checked the strings and nothing feels different than normal.  I'm seriously starting to get worried about what's happening, am I freaking out for nothing?  I know this might be too much information but I feel desperate for answers since it seems my concerns get dismissed as normal when I don't feel normal.  Please help.
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First never start taking pills , old prescriptions, especially if they took you off the birth control for health reasons. I am not a doctor but, if it was me I would have your IUD removed NOW just to see if there is any change. There are a lot of other ways not to get pregnant besides pills and IUD. I would also research IUD problems to see if any are related to your situation. I know it is totally frustrating but don't give up. Nothing worse than a problem you can't solve immediately and it makes you doubt yourself. Keep going to doctor and also ask what level of blood can you lose without being dangerous. Good luck.
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