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UTI or STD ?

Hello !
I apologize for the short novella written here, but I really need to calm myself.
I am a 23 year old straight man who has recurrent urinary symptoms.

About a year and a half ago (October, 2013) I was really stressed and dealing with issues in my relationship so I sought escape in having sex with a sex worker. I had protected oral and vaginal intercourse and as far as I could tell, the condom didn't break. I made a big mistake not urinating right after, only an hour later. Within less than 24 hours I began feeling some discomfort in my penis tip without any discharge or change in color. The next day I gave some urine for testing and they also took an urethral swab which came out negative (Was it too early ? Do they usually check for chlamydia and gonnorrhea ? ). The irritation of my penis tip went away on its own after 3 or 4 days so I thought it was just mechanical irritation. A couple of day after this I had a mild balanitis, which also went away within 2 or 3 days.

About 3 weeks later (November, 2013) I began having urethral discomfort,  slightly painful and frequent urination (can't really tell if I needed to urinate frequently or it was just anxiety) and pain/burning in my right flank, accompanied by nausea. I called my doctor and he said I should take a course of Cipro. The symptoms were intense for only a day, then they subsided (I can't remember if I had even begun taking Cipro). I can't remember if the symptoms subsided completeley and came back in January or they just became milder.

In January 2014 I gave another urine sample and urethral swab and the latter came positive for S. aureus. The doctor prescribed 10 days of Levaquin. After taking it, the slight urethral discomfort was still there. I went and gave other samples and also had an ultrasound. The doctor told me I had sand in my kidneys so I began thinking of kidney stones having caused my problems. A week after the symptoms subsided completeley.

In July 2014 I had another ultrasound which showed a 3mm stone in my right kidney. Urine cultures were negative. In October 2014 I started having slight pain and discomfort in my genitals and after physical activity I felt a sharp pain in my right testicle. When I came home, there was a lot of blood in my urine. This lasted for about 3 days and everything was alright after that. In November 2014 I was woken up by a pretty bad pain in my right flank (resembling the one I had in November 2013), accompanied by discomfort in the genitals and slightly painful urination. I went and had an ultrasound, which no longer showed the 3mm stone. Symptoms went away in a couple of days.

At the end of January 2015 I began having some discomfort in my penis tip again, which felt irritated especially when urinating and some low abdominal pressure (pain). The symptoms progressed and I now have slight discomfort in my genitals and my entire abdomen, with bouts of right flank burning pain. It is also the first time I have some anal itching, which chould be caused by IBS and anxiety, but I think it is too big a coincidence for it to appear at this exact moment.

I can't see a doctor in the next 4 or 5 days, so I have a few questions:

1. Could all of this be caused by an STD like Chlamydia ? Wouldn't it have been killed by taking Levaquin for 10 days ?

2. Do my current symptoms match those of an STD or a UTI ? What should I do in the following days when I can't see a doctor ?

Thanks a lot !

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Until you can see a Dr. Take Alka Seltzer. Plus 2T baking soda in a glass of water.
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In the first instance I would go to a doctor that specialises in "men's health".
Make a list of ALL your symptoms; mention when they first appeared and how long they appeared for.

He or she will run all the required tests to confirm or deny if you have a STD.

If you do not have a STD then you should go to an urologist to check the bladder, kidneys, gallbladder etc.

Is there a history of prostate problems in your family? I ask because an infection in the prostate can manifest itself in the bladder.

As to your penis feeling irritated, this may be due to an allergy to the latex condom.

Best of luck!
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If the doctor gave you meds for the STD it should have gone away.  Some of the problems you talking about I had 5 bladder infection last year and I have 1 now.  The pain in my bladder hurts like hell also in my genitals.  It feels like someone is trying to pull it out.  ( left nut )   I had sepsis last year my white blood count was over 25.000.  Had IV'S for 20 days. I have to have a stricture removed to get rid of the infections.  That is what I think you have a infection in your bladder or kidney.  Make sure you go to the doctor so he can find out what's going on.  Also were you ever cathetered you can get a infection from that also  take care and I hope you feel better Ken    
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