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Undiagnosed Upper Right Abdominal Pain

For over 2 months now I've had upper right abdominal/side pain that, at times, radiates up my back, between my shoulders blades and to my upper left abdomen/side. The pain first occured after a week of bloating and a weekend of lower back pain. As soon as my bloating subsided, my lower back hurt and after the pain in my lower back disappeared I started to have the pain in my upper right abdomen/side. During the first month of the pain I was having watery to mushy diarrhea once or twice a day and lost around 10lbs. I have since stopped having the diarrhea and have not lost anymore weight and have actually gained some back.

At the end of the first week of pain I went to the ER as I couldn't take the pain/pressure anymore and thought I may have been suffering from a Gall Bladder attack. Four hours in the ER, a full blood work up, ultra sound and CT scan later I was told they couldn't really find anything wrong with me and said that I was suffering from Gastritis. I was giving an Rx for 15 days of Prilosec and a dose of Mylanta. While the Mylanta did make me feel better it didn't cure me. Being as I was still in pain (off and on, dull to sharp to achy) I visited my PC 3 times. The first two times she assured me that there wasn't anything terribly wrong with me (cancer) and went over my tests multiple times. The third time I pretty much demanded that I get a referral to a GI as I was still having diarrhea and the pain. I was given the referral and saw him a month ago. After going through my symptoms and tests results with him he said that it still sounded as though it was my Gall Bladder and sent me for a HIDA Scan and some other blood tests (H. Pylori, Celiac, Thyroid, Sed. Rate and something else). Everything came back negative and fine. I was then told to do a stool test (even though my bowel movements are normal again) and that came back negative as well. My Bacterial Overgrowth test came back negative too.

I'm at a loss here. I'm going for an endoscopy tomorrow but I'm afraid that they'll say that's negative as well and then the doctors and my parents conclusion that I'm just over reacting and crazy will be true. I'm also extremely afraid that I have some sort of cancer that they haven't found or overlooked because of my age (26).

The pain I'm having comes and goes. This week I felt great, like my normal self, but today the pain came back with a vengance. It honestly feels like there's some sort of mass or something in my upper right side, it's an odd feeling and that's the best way I can describe it. Nothing is showing in the scans though so I don't know what to think.

Is it possible that the pain/ache I'm feeling is due to a duodenal ulcer even though I am H. Pylori negative? What else could be causing this pain if everything is coming back fine in my tests and scans?

Please, any help would be great. I'm tired of fearing I'm seriously ill and going to die. I just want to feel normal again.
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I just wanted to add that the area the pain seems to stem from (exactly in the spot your gall bladder is and on the side as well) is very tender right now, just as it was in the beginning of this ordeal. Pushing on the area creates a bit more pain. Not sure if that helps with anything.

This tenderness isn't an issue at all times. In fact it only happened in the very beginning and now today.
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Well, I had my EGD on Thursday and the ulcer has been ruled out. I have stomach inflammation but we aren't sure if this is actually causing the right sided pain.

Making a bit of progress, but not much. Anyone's take on this situation would be greatly appreciated.  :)
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