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Undiagnosed for 2 years

So 2 years ago I went from doctor to doctor to specialist. Nobody was able to help me and after a while nobody took me seriously anymore. After about half a year my symptoms disappeared and now they are back.

-extrem bloatings! (breathing problems and I look like I am pregnant)
- being sick and sometimes vomitting
- headeache and circulation problems every afternoon
-sometimes pain on right abdomen under rips (intense pressure) or on my lower right side
-sometimes slight fever

what doctors did:
-stomach reflection
- negative tests: histaminintolerance, lactose intolerance, wheat intolerance, celiac disease, fructose intolerance
-stool and blood sample
- I have no thyroid problems
-no gall stones
- no gastritis
-no signs of inflammation

I tried every medication for IBS and for the extrem bloating- nothing helped and I don‘t eat gluten.

I am thankful for any tip or help. Maybe someone knows what I could test or try.
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Hi and thanks, SeizureAdvocate. Yep, your diet approach is more reasonable and doable and sustainable - but I suggested the fast & radical approach as a way to possibly give her ASAP an escape from the misery of her symptoms - though only to do temporarily as I don't think it'd be good for most people to have e.g. meat-only for a long period.
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Ken_PA, gave some great advice. Rather then going with the radical diet options though. Try a food journal, list what you eat every day and then document when and what symptoms you have.  This will allow you to paint a bigger picture if something you are eating is causing the symptoms.

Either way I will be praying you get answers. I know what it feels like to have recurring symptoms but no answers and how frustrating it can become. Especially when it seems like all the testing in the world has been done to you. I have been there more then once. My symptoms have been off and on for over 14yrs, and they have stated possible sources of them but never have been able to dxs me.

They tried to place me on IBS medication and other meds but none of them got rid of the symptoms enough for me to stay on them. GOOD LUCK, and if I can help in any other way just reach out.
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Hi, Elleluecie. Since you apparently are not consuming huge amounts of fat, they looked into various things that can impair the gut lining and cause malabsorption. But did you have the breath test for SIBO?

They checked into lack of bile, but what about lack of pancreatic enzymes that are needed to digest fat?

Did the stool test look for the Giardia parasite?

"After about half a year my symptoms disappeared and now they are back."
What, if anything, did you do differently or stop doing during that good period?

You can try a two day water fast to see what happens, then take if from there with radical diet changes (such as all meat or zero carb).  You can look at the anti-SIBO approach dealing with "FODMAPs".

You might very wel have nutritional deficincies by now as an offshoot of your problems. Did you lose a lot of weight?
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