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I am a 39 year old Native American. I am a veteran of the US Army and I currently am being treated at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California and a nearby Air Force base. My smptoms I believe occured in 2004 to 2005, and unbeknownst to myself and probably the physicians treating me never were sought out as an actual condition. I have a history of tonsillitis, bronchitis, and uris. In 2004, a cervical lymph node on the left side of my neck developed, and the node has grown in size over the years.I have had a few issues where the node presented pain and would swell up even more than normal. This occured this past February, I woke up one morning and the node was swollen and very painful, the pain radiated to my neck and I had the feeling of being extremely fatigued and very hot internally. I went to the vamc, and attempted to be seen in their urgent care, after a 4 hour wait, the doctor told me he could do nothing for me except order a ct scan, and visit my primary doctor. (they are not so cooperative there) anyway, i visited my doctor the following week, and she checked all the normal lymph node sites. she referred me to the ENT clinic. I saw the the ENT doctor 3 wks later, he seemed unconcerned, checked my throat and nose, discovered hyperplasia and asked me about sleeping problems. I explained that my last doctor stated I may have sleep apnea, because of the difficulty I have sleeping on my back. He referred me to a sleep lab, and told me he would see me at his hospital to have a biopsy done of the node, he was going to remove it altogether. Unfortunately, because of the constant cancellation and rescheduling of my appts, I was not finally seen until May 13th, and in all actuality the secretary did not schedule enough time to even do the biopsy, so the doctor sent me to pathology to have a fine needle aspiration instead. I was hoping a phone call back in a few days, but instead i had to call the doctor back, that occurred on the 29th of May, and he had told me that they found cells that looked the same, he thought it may be a chronic infection or possibly lymphoma. He told me that I would have to come back and have the node removed. I was finally seen on June 12th, last Thursday, I tried to feel confident about this doctor but I really questioned his ability to remove the node. ( I say this because he didn't know where it was, he did not mark the site, and he had to make two incisions to remove it.) He called me on 17th (Tues) and said he had bad news, that he did not get what he needed and that he needed me to come back (mind you, this trip to his hospital take an hour and 15 minutes to and from), he then told me that his secretary would call me back to schedule the appt. I had an appt with my doctor yesterday, and explained the frustration of what I had been experiencing with this doctor, and that I wanted to see someone else, she told me to go to the ENT clinic and talk to the nurse. I did exactly that and she scheduled me an appt which was this morning. I saw another doctor, "a civillian doctor" who worked with UC Davis and seemed to be more knowledgeable. Unfortunately, since the Air Force doctor and his staff did not want to be cooperative, they forwarded virtually nothing of my even being seen at thier hospital, the new doctor had to start fresh. He checked my throat and nose, felt my neck and checked the site that the other doctor had attempted to excise the node. He mentioned to me , that I had lymphoid hyperplasia, and upon reviewing my CT scan, he explained that his concern would lie with the lymph node embedded in my neck, the frontal area. He ordered an ultrasound biopsy, and labwork. I asked him what this  test would tell him? He explained that it would give him an idea if I did in fact have lymphoma. He really did not think that I had lymphoma. He was vague on how he would go about testing to see if I had a chronic infection though. Will the blood work be able to give him an idea of if I actually do have an infection? My question to you is what does lymphoid hyperplasia have to do with these swollen nodes in my body, and how can I be sure that I am going to get a proper diagnosis with this doctor? The other doctor at the air force base proved to be incompetant, and I am starting to worry that whatever I do have is going to be overlooked and untreated, causing more medical problems for me. I already have an auto immune disease, Diabetes Mellitus, high cholestrol, and my doctor thinks I am going through early menopause because of my description of "internal heat and feverish symptoms". She is also concerned about my blood sugar levels because I explained they stay in the 200 range. She has added more oral meds and told me to really watch my carb intake and lose weight, I wonder though if this is cancer or an infection, wouldn't that result in high glucose readings? Okay and one more thing, I had read an article on someone else with lymphoid hyperplasia and it concerned abdominal issues. I had an experience back in 2004 that left the GI doctors stumped, but he thought I had either Crohn's Disease, a small bowel ischemia, or ibd, or ibs. Needless to say, nothing ever became of it, because the vamc I was being seen at lost thier GI doctors. My question is, if I have this lymphoid hyperplasia, is it not only in my throat area, can it be other places in my body too, and what issues will I have with this?
Okay I am done now, thanks so much for any advice or information you can give me. I appreciate it!
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