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OK, so i have had this going on for about a year now..... and lately its just starting to get on my nerves. At first it didnt bother me, it was still there though, but now that i am trying to get rid of it, its been getting worse. It alwasy feels like i need to pee. I have been to the doctor for a bladder infection, took pills, they didnt work. Then i went to get checked for stds. I was clean. I thought it would be one because i got it right after sex. Then right now i am on pills for a uti, which those arnt working either. If anyone can give me some feedback that would be great. It isnt bad when i am sitting down, only when walking around. It goes away when i have an erection/ during sex. When i drink a lot it feels like not that much is coming out at a given point in time in comparision to how much i drank.
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Have you had your prostate checked. It can cause problems with urination and can also have infections. Here is a link to the mayo clinic they have a lot of great info on just about everything. Best of luck to you.

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The need to frequently can be caused by a number of things, so its all about being a detective now!

The best thing to do is find a different doctor
Assess your personal history for trauma
Assess your family history for allergies, diabetes, cancer
Start a food diary to see whether certain things make it worse
Get your blood sugar checked for diabetes
Get a ultrasound for a Urinary stricture, enlarged prostate or kidney stones

Id just like to add that since youre 20 years old, alcohol and caffeine can irritate the bladder or ureter lining

In the meantime, try Ural sachets. Im not sure if your have them where you are but you get them from chemists and theyre to relieve symptoms or urinary discomfort. Also up your cranberry juice intake and monitor your water intake :)

I hope this helps!
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Sorry I just now noticed that I didn't post the link I said I would above. Here it is.  http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/prostate-gland-enlargement/DS00027/DSECTION=symptoms
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