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I'm a 22 year old female and for the past 6 months my health has been deterioratIng rapidly. I have been having "episodes" of passing out.. before it happens my heart races and I lose all feeling in my arms and legs, not caused my heavy breathing. These episodes can last up to 2-3 minutes. Sometimes I don't even get a warning sign and I have woken up on the floor with a huge knot on my head. I'm constantly exhausted, nauseous, and my heart is now normally beating 90-100 bpm, when before my resting hr was in the 50s. My blood pressure normally runs in the low 90s over 40s but yesterday it shot up to 160/105. And now I am having very sharp pains in my neck that go up to my temple only on the right side of my head. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?
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I also have "sleep episodes" Where I cannot breathe or move, I'll feel like I'm being smothered and I know I need to wake up but I can't. I almost feel as if I don't fight it ill die. I eventually wake up and I cannot move, it's as if I'm paralyzed and I'll hyperventilate, it's extremely scary.
Hello, I would say the "sleep episode could be due to stress over even lack of sleep, another reason could be sleep apnea, have you discussed this with your doctor?

As to the other issues, they certainly sound "stress related" to me, but also, you could have some pinched vertebrae in your neck, if this is the case, you can certainly have the symptoms you are describing. I would first see a neurologist and then if all test come back favourably, see a chiropractor.
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I do not intend to raise your anxiety as I feel that in the first place before I move towards the issue of your blood pressure, that you have anxiety attacks and they may need counselling from a therapist (Psychiatry) including the medicines. I strongly the oppose the idea of self medicating except on the advise of a doctor. I believe that anxiety and blood pressure are closely related. And If it is just the anxiety that is causing your heart to race and all, then It may be a better news than switching to any blood pressure medicines for the rest of your life.
However, I can be completely wrong as the issue may be about your heart. So you must get the tests done after consulting a cardiologist first.
          The pain in your neck and head is probably because of the High BP. You must seek medical attention. A very high blood pressure can be life threatening. Irrespective of what the cause is there is a policy of giving an emergency first aid medicine to help the patient lower the blood pressure as soon as possible. It forms the first priority of the health professionals, as a very high blood pressure can lead to instant stroke in the brain followed by a probable paralysis.
For the meantime it is advisable to avoid products containing salt(Sodium) and especially Nicotine (if smoker)  To help you with the headache, lying on your back with legs stretched and all the sources of light switched off will help. Try to take small meals every 1-2 hours, as a busy mouth eating also helps. Don't get into any violent verbal confrontations and try to relax as much as possible, till you get well. Take care
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A tip; Try not to sleep on your back, instead on the sides, and try to make that as a habit if it helps.
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Definitely keep an eye on your blood pressure. Get your Vitamin D3 magnesium and potassium levels checked with blood work
Good advise
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Are your iron/ferritin levels ok?
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They're low, and,I'm taking iron supplements for it, also I get b12 infusions
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Thank you,  I have an appointment at up with a cardiologist so I'm hoping to find answers
Keep us posted. We would love to hear about the improvements in your health. Wish you all the good health and happiness. take care
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Sounds very much like "massive panic attack". There horrible..
One should "NOT" take iron supplements w/out the order of their physician. Your ferritin levels  and 'TOTAL IRON BOUND need to be tested (blood test)
Many gastro doctors miss  this disorder called
However, it doesn't seem like you have this disorder as there are no symptoms--skin color changes and iron count only test.
Check with primary ..you can overload on iron and have more problems if your ferritin iron count is high--, not good.
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